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The Power of Your Business Story and How to Tell It

By Jack Manhire | March 29, 2017

What is a business story? Is it stopping every person that walks into your shop and telling them about yourself? Is it lecturing your employees on how to chat with one another? No, of course not! Story in business is more powerful that simply telling a random story. In fact, this story is what will set…

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Why Business Storytelling Is Essential for Every Corporation

By Jack Manhire | March 10, 2017

Who are you as a business? You can answer that question with a simple sentence, such as “I am a shoe salesman.” However, after an initial introduction, it is likely that no one will remember much about your business. A connection has not been made. After all, there are thousands of shoe companies. What makes…

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Top 3 Blogs Explaining the Power of Corporate Storytelling

By Jack Manhire | February 20, 2017

Corporate storytelling is a necessity for business growth. A memorable company, after all, tells its story. But what exactly is this business storytelling? Is it gossiping in the workplace? Is it sharing tales to make a presentation more interesting? All your questions can finally be answered here. Below are the top three blogs on the…

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How You Can Include Storytelling in Business

By Jack Manhire | January 12, 2017

It is important to include corporate storytelling in business. Storytelling is an essential part of life. After all, we have been sharing stories since the beginning of man. It all started with cavemen carving their stories on cave walls (and perhaps even before then). Therefore, because storytelling is part of who we are, we should…

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4 Most Powerful TCDG Studios Blogs on Corporate Storytelling

By Jack Manhire | December 23, 2016

Corporate storytelling is a must for every business to grow. It is how you can connect with people and create a trusted bond. Your story is more powerful than you think. People love stories and even trust in stories. So, telling your business story is not something you just do at networking events. It is…

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