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4 Trend Blogs on Corporate Training Materials in 2016

By Diane Manhire | March 9, 2016

Corporate training materials have had changes in style in the past decade, and in 2016, trends are changing again, making corporate training better and more effective than ever before. The following are the top four blogs discussing these new trends:

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Top 5 Trend Blogs: Corporate Training Materials of 2015

By Diane Manhire | December 4, 2015

Each year, new trends in corporate training materials emerge. Since 2015 is coming to a close, we decided that it would be interesting to take a look at some of the trends of this past year, and what better way to do so than to look at the top 5 trend blogs on the topic?…

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Top 5 Blogs on Trends in Corporate Training Materials

By Diane Manhire | July 15, 2015

Corporations always try to educate their employees, especially newly hired ones. That is where corporate training materials step in. Over the years, the trends in these training materials have evolved and improved. As a result, in order to understand these new trends and why they are being implemented, we have put together the top five…

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How to make effective digital presentations

By Diane Manhire | May 15, 2015

In today’s world of digital platforms and the world wide web, effective digital presentations are important to all applications and ages. This range expands young child learning to adult skills development. It spans formal training to how-to and help services. This blog contains several blogs that address this key topic of creating effective digital presentations.

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Quick Tips About Corporate Training Materials

By Diane Manhire | April 29, 2015

The digital world as experienced through the web, mobile devices and even social media has had an impact on corporate training material. The following is a list of blogs that can be used as resources when developing corporate training material.

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