brandLoyalty2015 trends for corporate identity are reflected in two major areas: The type of brand and design considerations. branding, identity & logo design is a crucial element to your general marketing strategy in the world. Remember your brand is more than just a logo or company icon. It is how you present to and how people perceive your brand.

Brand Trends: One of the biggest changes in branding and corporate identity is the move from an institutional view to a more human viewpoint. This can be seen in several different areas.

  • Corporate Identity acts and feels more human. The trend is a move from a corporate to one conversation to more of a one-to-one conversation. For example Ikea has changed billboards to climbing walls. It hosts, for instance, digital design tools, allowing customers to place Ikea furniture in the contexts of their living rooms and kitchens.
  • Being real – not perfect. In today’s world you do not have to be perfect. People oriented companies admit errors and let you see behind the curtain. They take transparency to a new level and show you who they really are.
  • Acting more human – Connecting on a more human level is about showing a personality and creating unique character in special ways. The use of mascots and demonstrating having fun is on the increase. {give a link to our blogs concerning mascots}
  • Understand and empathy – From management to the front line, human companies go beyond paying lip service to being ‘customer-driven’. They have cultures in which employees immerse themselves in customers’ lives.
  • Employing people – branding is incorporating the demonstration that they trust and empower their people. They throw out the scripts and entrust employees, and sometimes customers, to deliver their brands.


Design Trends Truly Deeply Brand Newsletter, in their June 24, 2015 blog presents the following design trends as it relates to corporate identity:

  • The size of our digital viewing ports (interfaces) continues to get smaller and smaller. A recent Pew Research Center report indicates that 91 percent of teenagers access information online through mobile devices.
  • Because the world continues to be reduced to symbols, our communication will become more icon-based resulting in more common iconography that can cross language barriers. Those ancient Egyptians may have been on to something.
  • Consideration for the future: more symbols are being born every day to keep pace with our changing world; What will the symbol be for 3-D printing?
  • Everyone has opinion > everyone’s a critic > everyone’s an expert. This trajectory used to relate only to words and ideas, but with the abundance of visual pin-boards (ahem, Pinterest) and how-to resources, the world is becoming more visually opinionated. The good news is that people are embracing creativity and are interested in design, and this generation will be more visually astute and capable of forming their own pathways.
  • With technological innovation driving change from 3D printing to the wide range of screen sizes on the market is demanding more responsive logos and design components. And as the need for versatility continues to drive design trends, we will see responsive design become an additive and subtractive process, rather than simply rescaling and rearranging the components.

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