What is a Brand?

Your brand is defined by a customer's overall perception of your business. A successful brand has to be consistent in communications and experience.

  • Environment (storefront or office)
  • Print, signage, packaging
  • Website & online advertising
  • Content marketing & social media
  • Sales & customer service

Brand building doesn't happen overnight. It may take months. Building a brand is a process. This ongoing effort will result in establishing long term relationships with your customers.

"A brand exists in the minds of your customers."


How to Build a Brand

  1. Target Audience - You should determine your brand's target audience. When branding your business, narrow your audience focus. Then your message will come across clear.
  2. Mission Statement - Establish a brand mission statement. What is your company's passion? Everything from your logo to tagline, message and personality should reflect the mission.
  3. Research your competition - While you shouldn't imitate what your competition is doing, it's good to know what they do well and what they don't do well.
  4. Benefits - What benefits does your company offer? What do you offer that no one else offers. How do you provide value for improvement of the consumer? Does your product/service save time, reduce costs, or provide better customer service?
  5. Logo & Tagline - This is the most important of brand building - establishing your logo, which will be seen everywhere, on signage, website, etc. It should be unique and timeless. There can be, however, a time when the logo needs to be updated because of changing services.
  6. Color Schema - This is important since there is a direct connection between a given color and an emotion evoke by that color. Research shows that about 65% of an emotional reaction is created by color. Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%.
  7. Brand Voice - This is dependent on your industry, your mission, and your audience. Some choices are professional, friendly, technical, and informative. It is important to develop a voice that is aligned with the brand.
  8. Brand Promise - This is the single most important thing that the organization promises to deliver to its client - each and every time.
  9. Elevator Speech - Build a brand message, who you are, what you offer, what are the benefits, and why are you better. Make it simple and clear. Always be ready with a short message or what you do when asked.

Remember brand building can be one of the most important things you can do for your business. Integrate your brand into every aspect of the customer experience. Consistency is the key!

Former Nike and Starbuck's executive Scott Bedbury once said:

"A brand is a story always being told."


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