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Corporate identity is important for the success of your business. If you do not have a business identity, then that means your business lacks a vision. How can you grow your business if you do not have a story and goal in mind and cannot invasion a future for your business? Having a strong sense of business identity helps you have goals and reach those goals. However, an important step to having a strong brand identity is staying consistent with that identity. You must show potential customers who you are and that you are reliable. Here is how you can do that:

Your Logo Should Represent Your Business

Your logo is an important aspect of your business. It represents you and what you do. It even helps people remember who you are. For instance, think of the Nike logo. When you see it, you immediately think of sneakers and sportswear. That logo does not make Nike what it is, but it does help people see Nike for what it is.

Thus, you must stay consistent with your logo. Have the same logo on your website, business cards, social media networks, in your store, on your car, etc. Wherever you want to add your logo, make sure that it is the same one you always use. After all, you want to develop your corporate identity and have people remember you. Changing your logo in one location (like your website from your business cards) can confuse people.

Your Employees Should All Have the Same Mission

corporate identityIn corporate meetings, every business member, including your employees, should have the same mission. For instance, if you have a hat store specifically for newborn babies, your mission is most likely to keep babies’ heads warm in the winter and give parents ease of mind that their babies are well-protected from the cold. Your mission might also be to uphold a certain high standard to give total comfort to newborn babies. You do not just sell any regular hats for babies; you sell comfortable, hypoallergenic hats for babies. Every employee should understand that mission and work toward maintaining it. That is an essential way of being consistent with your corporate identity.

Your Employees Should Be Active Corporate Storytellers

Since corporate identity is about your vision and the way you view your business, you should have a story. What drove you to start your business and what made you passionate about your vision? Going by the earlier example, if you have a hat store for newborn babies, perhaps you started the business when your first child was born and you realized not many places sell hypoallergenic hats that are comfortable and warm. That is a story to tell. Your vision for the business might be to one day grow your company bigger until you can donate 10% of all the hats you make to families in need with newborn babies. Whatever your mission and vision are, you have a story to tell, and your employees should be able to share that story too. Why is this important? Because your story is what will help people connect to your business and trust you.

Your Website Should Be Professional

This is obvious. You need a professional website to uphold your quality name. Otherwise, potential customers might not take you seriously and they will go to the competitor. Having a professional website plays a major role into your business identity.


Corporate identity is a crucial part of growing your business. However, to do so, you must stay consistent with it for people to trust your business.


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