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When we hear the word “brand” we often think of products and major companies, such as Nike, Apple, Aeropostale, and more. We know that a brand is a product, service, or concept that is publicly distinguished from other products, services, or concepts so that it can be easily communicated and usually marketed. For instance, when we think of Microsoft, we think of computers, tablets, Windows Office, the Xbox, the Wii U, and so much more. That is because Microsoft has created a brand for itself, a promise for its buyers. When we see the Windows logo, we think of Microsoft, a company with many innovations. Every business needs a brand; this is not optional when it comes to marketing. Still, lots of businesses have false impressions about what a brand is and is not when it comes to Orlando branding, and that is what we are here to clarify.

Some of the Top Reasons You Need a Brand

  • To enhance marketing efforts
  • So that Effective Use of the Brand and Logo generate positive impact
  • To avoid any deviation from the true design
  • To remind people that behind the brand is a company they can trust

Misconception #1: A Logo is a Brand

A logo is part of a brand, but it is not the entire brand. When you see Apple’s logo, you envision the personality and the values of the company. You know what the company is and does through its logo, but the logo does not make the company all that it is. In other words, a logo is not a brand. If all your company has is a logo, you are only part way there. When it comes to Orlando branding, you must have a business promise to your customers, one that they are reminded of when they see your logo. That promise, who you are as a business, and the quality of your work is your brand.

Misconception #2: Branding is Expensive

While you need a budget for marketing, public relations, product design, and whatnot, you do not need a budget for branding. In fact, Orlando branding is 100% money free. Think of your brand as a promise you are making to your consumers, and your job is to fulfill that promise in everything you do. It is the message of your company and what you do whereas marketing is the vehicle that gets the message to the consumers. Therefore, to create a well-known brand, you need to make positive choices in your business and/or products and services and let your customers witness your great attitude.

Misconception #3: Branding Is Not Necessary

Branding is very much a requirement in this day and age. Without branding, you are nothing. Keep in mind that customers rely on emotion rather than logic when making a purchase decision. If your branding triggers a positive emotional response in your customers’ minds, they are more likely to buy from you than walk away. So no matter how fantastic your products are, they cannot sell well if you do not have a positive business brand.

Misconception #4: Branding is a One Shot Deal

Branding can change over time, especially when trends change. Even if you created a fantastic brand for yourself ten years ago, you will need to revisit it and make adjustments and changes to it based on its relevance to today’s consumers. If it is time to make a change, use the best parts of your brand as a foundation and rebrand as a simple makeover.

Misconception #5: Branding is the Responsibility of the Marketing Department

Orlando brandingBranding is the responsibility of every department, marketing or otherwise. After all, even if your brand is well-adored by many, if one of your employees is rude or the customer service strays from your company’s promise, you will most likely lose a customer. So it is important that all departments and employees follow your branding rules. Remember, it takes way less to keep a customer than to find a new one.

Misconception #6: Professional Branding Services Are Only for Large Companies

Creative design studios come in all shapes and sizes. Design agencies may offer a sliding scale of services that can fit your budget. The most important thing to remember is that branding is a vital investment in the long-term success of your business and it should be developed with a strategic and professional design agency.

Misconception #7: Branding is the Story behind a Product or Service

On the contrary, branding is the story behind the people who created the products or the services. Branding is the story behind why they created it and how they created it. Branding is about people. People make brands and they can break brands. Take people out of the equation and you end up with nothing.

Misconception #8: Consumers Do Not Really Care What the Brand Looks Like

No matter what brand the consumer is buying, they still desire products and services they are attracted to and they can connect with. A brand is an expression of the company, so if the company makes quality products and the brand does not convey the same level of quality, there will be an inevitable lack of confidence.


Remember, Orlando branding is not an option. It is a requirement for a successful business. By knowing these misconceptions of a brand, you can discover what a brand is.


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