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Often we think of branding and its related corporate identity elements as something for only large corporations. This is not true!. Here are some suggestions for starting to brand your organization independent of your site:

Don’t get lost in your logo.

A professional logo is important but so often we spend more time designing a logo as if it was some piece of artwork that will be displayed in the local art gallery. You do not need to spend a fortune on your logo. It is more important to make sure you include it in all of your communications channels both print and digital. 

Have a mission and vision statement.

Again this not something for just large corporations. missionYour mission statement publicly tells everyone who you are. Your vision statement tells everyone where you are going. These two statements should guide your brand and what you want to portray with it.

Make sure everyone in your organization knows and understands your mission and vision.

Professional Website

A strong, professional website is critical. Your website is your number one branding vehicle. There is no room for a cheap, quick, mom-and-pop, I did it myself website. The reality is that everyone uses your website to “check-you-out”. Even if someone recommends your product or service, they will still go to your website before calls or buying. Because everything changes so rapidly, your website should be updated every 2-3 years in order to keep your corporate identity up to date.

Your Digital Profiles should be up to date and complete.

In today’s world of social media, your various social media profiles are critical. Each profile should be complete including photos. If the social media channel permits a company page or banner, this is the place to have a clean, simple graphic that portrays your brand and your brand personality. Think of your social media profiles as a major part of your corporate identity.


. . . and blog regularly and consistently. Often when the concept of blogging is introduced as part of the marketing strategy, the plan just dies. Blogging is becoming more accepted even among the die-hard “I do not blog”. The reality is that blogging is critical. Studies on inbound marketing shows that the number of visitors to your site is at least 10% higher than effective organic SEO.

A warning: if you start blogging regularly, remember that blogging is just one of many ways to help brand your organization. Do not forget the other tools.


Again, independent of organizational size, networking handsand relationship building is critical. For the small company make sure you participate in local events: industry, professional, and community. This makes your company visible. Remember at such events, you represent your brand.

If you find an organization that you believe fulfills some of your marketing strategies, get involved. Ask to be on a committee or project. Most of the time it is as simple as just asking.

Your employees are part of your brand

Your employees represent your brand just like your web, or corporate identity elements. This is also true with your other stake holders. The best way to brand your company is through one-to-one conversations between executives, owners, managers, employees, customers, etc. Everyone should be active corporate storytellers – telling your brand story.


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