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Storytelling has been around since the start of humankind. It is how we communicate ideas, share specific messages with one another, and even educate and entertain people. Telling stories is at the heart of our being, so much so that we even use stories in marketing. Commercials are filled with stories, because that makes people relate to whatever is being advertised. You will also notice stories being told in images in magazines, in articles in newspapers (and even on the news), and all over blogs. Stories sell, they leave us feeling all sorts of emotions. But if storytelling is so important, how come some corporate business forget its influence? Corporate storytelling is essential for your brand, just as storytelling is essential for making all humans happy.

Why You Need to Tell a Story for Business Branding?

Without storytelling, your potential buyers or clients of your business would not be able to connect with you/your business. Corporate storytelling is about making that essential connection. The benefits of storytelling for business branding are:

  • Strengthening customer relations: When you tell your business story, your potential customer is more likely to relate to you. When you tell your business story, you are no longer just a business connecting with a consumer; you are a person (or group of people) connecting with people. Even customer testimonials you share could be a form of storytelling, and those testimonials can be the reason your leads transform into customers.
  • Making your business memorable through emotional appeal: When you tell your business story (how it all started, how far you’ve come, and how it all positively affects your buyer), you are letting your potential buyer remember you through emotional appeal. The reason this is important is because sales are emotional. People will not connect with a business that offers no emotional connection and that does not meet a need.

What Are Some Recent Examples of Storytelling for Marketing?

Think about For the past few years, Amazon has been coming out with great commercials to show people what it really stands for. For instance, let us take a look at one of these commercials:

Amazon here tells the story of a woman and her lonely horse and how using Amazon helped the lonely horse not be so lonely anymore. This is a great form of both regular storytelling and corporate storytelling. At first, Amazon is telling the story of a woman and her horse. However, if you pay attention, you will notice that is so much more to this story. Amazon here is telling the story of the company itself. It is saying, “Amazon has everything you need. It is who we are. If you are looking for anything, you’ll find it with us. We are here to make you happy.” Of course, there are other ways to do corporate storytelling, but this is one great way to do it.


Corporate storytelling is a must for building a strong relationship with customers and potential buyers. It is the best way to connect with people.

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