Comfort Craft

Jim Craft, the founder and President of Comfort Craft Inc. suffered a head and neck injury in one of the local water parks in 1983. For over three years, he struggled with neck pain that critically affected his active sports driven life. Jim and the therapist began talking, and the therapist asked Jim, to help him design a table that would bend at the mid-section. It was at that moment, the seed that became Comfort Craft Inc. was planted.

Through the years, Comfort Craft has dedicated itself to building a quality product, building lasting relationships with their client base and always researching new ways to continue to be a trusted resource for the massage industry.

Electric massage and bodywork tables have never been so ergonomically designed, strong, and comfortable, meeting a variety of massage therapy and spa needs, from one manufacturer! Comfort Craft leads the industry with smooth, quiet equipment that reduces therapist efforts by up to 50%, as the adjustable table bends NOT the therapist!

Comfort Craft tables improve treatment results while relieving therapist strain. Adjustable heights and angles enable therapists to use mechanical advantage and their own body weight, not their strength. Cutout pads let therapists get closer to the patient without constant strain, so they feel relaxed at the end of each day!

All Tables Manufactured in Longwood, Florida USA

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