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Social media is a great place to connect with potential customers and clients. The various channels and platforms come together to form one big network for you to use and benefit from. However, what is the value of social media if you cannot take advantage of the one thing that makes it what it is: sharing stories to connect. When it comes to your business and marketing, you must use social media to grow and reach more people. One great way to do that is through corporate storytelling. Stories follow us everywhere. In fact, we even deal with stories in our sleep. It is in our human nature. Therefore, make the best of business storytelling by using it to connect with potential customers online. Here are some ways you can do that on social media:

Posting Your Business Photos with Strong Captions

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This phrase is used often for a reason. Whenever we look at photos, we imagine a scenario. We wonder what the people in the photo were doing, what led them to take the picture, where they were during that time, what they were feeling. We analyze faces, too, to figure out if the people were happy or annoyed or perhaps just trying to get the picture over with. Thus, sharing photos on social media is a fantastic way to do corporate storytelling and let people see a glimpse of your business world. Share a photo of your employees coming together to finish a project; not only does that say something about your employees, but it sends a big message about the kind of business you run. It is a story people want to see.

corporate storytellingDo not forget to caption your photos. A caption is the literal place you can tell your story. For instance, if you own a bakery, you could write “Celebrating 10 years of extravagant cakes that bring joy to people on their special day.” The photo could be a simple one where your bakers are huddled around a beautiful birthday cake they baked. Not only does the picture show them at work with their amazing cake, but it also tells your visitors on social media what the story behind that photo is.

Posting Videos Where You Tell Your Business Story

Similarly, posting videos is a great way to do corporate storytelling. Share your story with customers by doing a one-minute video (could be animated but is not required) that describes the way the business started, where you have come, and what your goals have been all along. Some businesses even give a tour of the behind-the-scenes work area. For example, just imagine getting a virtual tour of Apple’s corporation and where all the ideas come together and eventually lead to the production of a product. That in itself is a story.

Sharing Your Blogs

Yes, you can even share a blog telling your corporate story on social media. Publish your blog on your website and then share it on your social media channels for people to read. Inspire people. Let them know your company has goals and parts of those goals are meant to benefit them.


Corporate storytelling is a great way to grow your customers and connect with people on social media. Stories feel personal, and that makes them effective in marketing.


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