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Corporate storytelling is a must for every business to grow. It is how you can connect with people and create a trusted bond. Your story is more powerful than you think. People love stories and even trust in stories. So, telling your business story is not something you just do at networking events. It is a way to grow your customers and fans and reach out to the world. Below are four of the most powerful blogs we have written on business storytelling:

3 Ways to Do Corporate Storytelling Through Social Media

Social media is a great place to connect with potential customers and clients. The various channels and platforms come together to form one big network for you to use and benefit from. However, what is the value of social media if you cannot take advantage of the one thing that makes it what it is: sharing stories to connect. When it comes to your business and marketing, you must use social media to grow and reach more people. One great way to do that is through business storytelling. Stories follow us everywhere. In fact, we even deal with stories in our sleep. It is in our human nature. Therefore, make the best of business storytelling by using it to connect with potential customers online.

Corporate Storytelling: Why Brand Needs Story

Story crosses borders, reconciling supposed opposites, and eroding false distinctions. What works in entertainment works just as well for B2C and B2B brands and communications. Think about it, people love stories! As human beings, we share stories every single day (unless we are hermits and live alone in the mountains). Gossip is a form of storytelling, and we love it because it makes us curious. Successful advertisements are often mere stories that inform and showcase something. If story is at the heart of our being, then branding requires business storytelling in order to succeed. It is just how it is and how it will always be!

Solving the Biggest Problems with Corporate Storytelling

corporate storytellingThe most beautiful curve is the graph of rising sales. This statement is hard to refute. Creative graphic designs, branding and corporate identity or award winning marketing and advertising campaigns – are all means or tools to convey something even more basic.

If you look back on the times you were riding high on a beautiful sales curve (sales rising) or crashing on an ugly sales curve (falling sales) – [It should be noted at this point that every business person, entrepreneur, founder, manager or similar titles have all ridden the ups and downs roller coaster of such sales curves] – there is one thing that is in common.

How to Share Your Vision Through Corporate Storytelling

A vision is critical to you as an individual and also as an organization – no matter what size organization or stage of development. For the entrepreneur, your vision is sometimes the only thing you have to sell and yet it can be more powerful than the largest client list, portfolio, or product catalog. Don’t forget most purchases are not logical but emotional. The rules for corporate identity, branding, advertising, and marketing have all changed over the last few years. These elements have become mainly emotional. The world has changed from function over form (how it works versus how it looks) to form over function (I really do not care how it works, just that it works but I am very motivated by how it looks). This change is extremely important. People today buy based on brand not product.


Business storytelling is a powerful tool. Use it to grow our business and reach more people. We hope the above four blogs help you with that!


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