What is the best way to make your brand stick out among the thousands of other similar brands out there, and how do you make people remember that brand? Think of Nike; the brand name is so well known that people immediately visualize the “Swoosh” (the Nike logo that looks like a checkmark). Plus, the phrase “Just do it” also comes to mind when people hear the name “Nike.” That right there is an example of a great, strong brand that sticks out among the crowd. So how do you do the same? With corporate storytelling of course! Storytelling is at the heart of every business; without it, consumers find it difficult to connect and advocate something. In fact, storytelling can and should be used in any business because it can drive loyalty, advocacy, and trust. Though, because nowadays people tend to be more interested in visuals than plain text, corporate storytelling should, as a result, be told through visual content. Below, you can check out some of the many successful brands out there and how they use visual content on social media to tell their stories:

Starbucks on Facebook Starbucks is all about the visual content, making it a highly well-known and well-loved brand. Take a look at the following picture the company uploaded on its Facebook page:


This visual content is meant to express that Starbucks is about the people and making them happy. “One for you and one for me.” The brand isn’t just good coffee; it’s good coffee with friends. This visual message speaks a lot to customers, even if subconsciously, letting them know that Starbucks is a place to socialize with friends, have a good time, and drink amazing coffee and other drinks.

Starbucks also likes to post photos online of its employees doing services for their community. While these photos might not seem like anything special, they are actually there to create more brand awareness. In posting such visual content, Starbucks is sharing its corporate story and conveying that the business enjoys making the world a better place. This is what people want to see, since it makes them advocate for the brand.


iHeartRadio on Instagram Take a look at the set of images below that iHeartRadio posted to its Instagram page. iHeartRadio is an app that allows people to listen to thousands of free radio stations. In its visual content, iHeartRadio is also sharing its corporate story, which is that it is an app that truly does provide lots of great music, connects listeners to their favorite artists, and takes people to the most iconic moments in today’s musical performances.

iheart radio

Pampers on Twitter At this point, everyone knows about Pampers. The brand has become associated with happy babies and restful sleep. And guess what, Pampers has accomplished that through a great product and lots of visual content, whether in commercial advertisements or on social media. Take a look at Pampers’s visual content on Twitter:


Pampers always makes sure to post photos of happy/restful babies, and this subconsciously communicates with people the company’s story and goal.

Learn from these top brands how to use visual content to tell your story. After all, corporate storytelling is a great way to increase followers and connect with customers.

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