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What is a business story? Is it stopping every person that walks into your shop and telling them about yourself? Is it lecturing your employees on how to chat with one another? No, of course not! Story in business is more powerful that simply telling a random story. In fact, this story is what will set you apart from other businesses and help you reach your target audience.

What is the Power of Your Story?

When it comes to your business story, you must consider the way stories have been used since the beginning of man. We have evolved a lot, and yet the use of stories has not died down. On the contrary, it has grown. We tell stories in novels, in TV shows and film, in commercials, and even in marketing. Stories are everywhere.

If you ask any successful business what it has done to get exposure, they will tell you it all comes down to telling a powerful story. Just like all other businesses have their stories, so does yours. Whether you are aware of it, there is a story inside of you waiting to be shared. In sharing it, you would be creating exposure and brand awareness.

How Can You Enhance Your Story?

Simply ask yourself what your business story is. Things to think about include:

  • Why you started the business
  • What motivated you to work in that specific field
  • Why this business matters to you
  • What your business has to offer for the community, the nation, the world, or a specific group of people

There is nothing like your story. Yours is unique to you and your business. In telling it, you can help others connect with you, understand your business ethics, and enjoy being your customer/client.

Where Can You Tell Your Story?

You can tell your business story anywhere. However, the first place to start should be your website and social media. You can tell your story in your blogs, in your offers, and in your pictures and videos.

An example of a great company story is The Dollar Shave Club, an online company that sells shaving razors. They ship their shaving razors and cartridges to their customers for a monthly membership of as low as $1. Their story goes something like this:

The founder, Michael Dubin, was tired of buying expensive razors at the store and having to drive to get them. So, he created one type of razors that both men and women can use for cheap. To prevent the use of old and unsanitary razors, he also decided to do a monthly membership where customers get new razors every month for a cheap price. The razors are better than store-bought ones but they also happen to be very basic, without the unnecessary things other razors boast about having but which do not make a difference.

Now that is a selling story! Dubin’s struggle with razors is something many men and women can relate to. If he had not shared his story, his business might not be as big as it is now. His story went viral when he created a quirky video explaining the process and benefits of the Dollar Shave Club. Just like Dubin, you should tell your story every chance you get so that others can know about you.


Your business story is a powerful tool, but if you do not put it to use, it will not help you. Growing your business starts with sharing your story.

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