Who are you as a business? You can answer that question with a simple sentence, such as “I am a shoe salesman.” However, after an initial introduction, it is likely that no one will remember much about your business. A connection has not been made. After all, there are thousands of shoe companies. What makes you stand out? What makes you special? Business storytelling is the best way to create a connection with your buyer persona. By sharing your story of how your company began, your goal as a company, and other business stories you might have, you can create a lasting connection with your buyer persona. This makes storytelling essential for your business.

How Does Business Storytelling Affect Potential Customers?

As human beings, storytelling is at the core of our being. Think back to cavemen carving their adventurous tales on cave walls. They did that to share and keep their stories alive. To this day, people still do this. Of course, we have stopped carving on cave walls, but we still tell our stories.

Have you ever become close friends with someone without knowing anything about them? Without listening to their stories and sharing your own? It is most likely that you have not. Stories help us understand each other and create a connection. We remember those with great stories more than others who keep to themselves. It is a matter of fact.

So, how does business storytelling change anything? How does it make you memorable? Just like with making friends, we also try to understand and connect to companies/business through their stories. We do not want to buy shoes from a random shoe store online we have never heard of and do not trust. However, if we know more about the online shoe store, we are more likely to feel safe to purchase.

business storytellingFor instance, let us say the shoe store website posted a story on the founder of the company. The founder, let us call him Nick, started out as a boy who needed to wear special orthopedic shoes to fix a foot condition he was born with. As an adult, he wanted to help other kids with similar conditions wear comfortable orthopedic shoes. So, he decided to create his special shoes. From there, Nick opened his own business and has been helping kids have better feet since then.

Now that is a story! If you are looking for orthopedic shoes for kids and run across this story, you are more than likely to remember it and make a lasting connection. You would think of Nick and remember that he also had a condition in his feet.

Business storytelling is not about sharing a random story to get people to buy from you. It is about connecting with buyers so that they genuinely trust you and come back time and again. It is that kind of bond that makes corporations stand out and become popular.


Whatever your business story is, share it with the world. Create a lasting connection and trust between you and your buyer persona. Business storytelling can turn your life around in a great way!


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