Creative Development

We are both a visual and a digital society. The ability to successfully communicate with your consumers – tell your story – requires the creation of media rich content be it digital, video, or print. This includes creative graphic design, motion graphics and illustrations, video/audio post-production editing, multimedia and show displays, print collateral, large form design, script and content writing.

TCDG Studios’ Video, Digital, and Print creative development includes the following design solutions:

Marketing and Advertising

Graphics, photos, and videos for digital advertising such as Social Media channels, print ads as in a magazine, infographics, marketing and sales collateral.

Communication Design

Integration of graphic design, video, content creation, animation, and information structure for such applications as presentations, training, and brochures.

Corporate Design

Designing the various media linked to your corporation and brand such as logo, business cards, brand related graphic elements, color schema and typography.

Environmental/Experiential Design

Creating and integrating visual elements used in physical environments such as showrooms, exhibits, and business surroundings to produce experiences that support an organization’s brand and mission.

Product Design

Visual elements of products such as product packaging and merchandising stickers.


The desktop design for magazines, annual reports, books, catalogues, newsletters, and other publications.

Signage/Large Form

Store signs, trade show displays, commercial signs, directional/information signs.

User Interfaces

Creative media design for digital platforms such as mobile apps, touch screen applications, and kiosks.

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