After speaking to a marketing agency, you are left with terminology you are not sure about. What are Call to Actions and landing pages? What is a buyer persona? Many words were used, but if you do not understand them, it can be difficult to work with that agency. Today, we will discuss the meaning of creative media design as it relates to marketing. What exactly is it? How can it help you? Let us get started!

What Constitutes as Creative Media Design?

Creative media design is anything that is created as a source of media. For instance, the creation of a video is a media design. This does not mean that anyone who takes a video has created a media design. Media design is determined by the work done on that video, such as editing, adding titles and effects, and more.

Similarly, creating an image is a form of media design. Adding text, changing colors, and cutting and adding designs to that image makes it a design. The creation of infographics is also a form of media design, since you are putting images and text together and editing.

Printed newsletters, such as bulletins, and brochures can also be forms of media designs. Anything that includes graphic design and the creation of some sort of media is a media design.

How Can a Media Design Help You?

creative media designThe real question should be, how can media design not help you? The fact is, creative media design is what drives people to come to you. Think of internet memes (a funny image, video, or piece of text that goes viral and spreads with slight variations). Memes are a form of media design (although they are often not of the highest quality). Memes get popular fast because they are creative and show an edited image with a funny message. What separates a meme from a regular image is that a meme is edited, making it a media design.

In today’s world, people are more likely to click on an image with text or a well-made video. Images help messages stand out, which is a lot more interesting that simply writing a message on a blank, white screen. Thus, media design can help drive visitors to your social media channels and website and even get them to sign up for your newsletters. Once they become your followers, the likelihood of becoming your clients/customers increases.


In marketing, creative media design can help you drive more followers to your business by making your online and offline presence stand out.


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