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A creative marketing agency is more than someone who will design a website for you. The right marketing agency will connect you with your ideal customers and let people get to know you. In fact, the right marketing agency should tell your story, because that is exactly what will get you somewhere. So, if you are struggling finding the right marketing agency, look for these following signs:

A Creative, Helpful Team

A creative marketing agency should have a creative and smart team. Otherwise, who will be doing the marketing for your business? You want a team to educate you on marketing and have innovative ideas specific for your needs. After all, each business or individual has different goals. A marketing agency cannot market the same for all its clients.

The Agency Must Blog for Itself

A sign of a strong, professional marketing agency is blogging. If you go on the agency’s website, do you see a blog (such as the one you are reading now)? If not, then that is a bad sign. In this modern age of the Internet, blogging is crucial for marketing. It is a way to educate visitors to your site and help them connect with what you do. So, if a marketing agency does not blog for itself, it does not know how to do marketing. A good agency should blog for itself and offer blogging for its customers.

Social Media Presence

Another way to find out if a creative marketing agency is any good is to see how well it is with its social media presence. Does the agency have a Facebook, a Twitter, a Google+, and such accounts? If not, then it is probably stuck in the stone age. Never go for an agency that does not have its own social media pages and regularly shares content there. A strong social media presence is an indicator that the agency can help you be found!

Follows Web Design Trends

A creative marketing agency should also follow web design trends from year to year, because, let us face it, they always change. And you do not want to be stuck with a web design from the 90s. A good agency knows the importance of change and advancement, and it will ensure that your website is up-to-date and can appeal to the modern web surfers.

A Team that Understand Your Goals

Last but certainly not least, a creative marketing agency should be able to sit down with you, take note of your business goals, and help you as such. Understanding your goals and needs as an individual or business should be the priority of the marketing agency. After all, it is through knowing your goals that it can help you target your ideal customers.


So, next time you meet with a marketing agency for a consultation, look for the above signs. If they are absent, know that the agency is not right for you.


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