starting a blogStarting a blog in the modern age can be an exciting project. You get to write about the topics you are most passionate about and people get to read what you have to say. Plus, with the social media on the rise, you can share your blogs literally with the world and have random strangers read your work from their phones while traveling on the subway. That’s amazing, right? But how do you get started? Whether you already have a blog or are just beginning one, read the following six great blogs on starting a blog in the modern age:

VITAL: 15 Predictions to Read before You Start a Blog in 2015 (

At the end of last year I did a post about the things you’d need to know before starting a blog in the year to come. It was a lot of fun predicting what I thought the next 12 months would look like for bloggers. So, I thought we’d make it a bit of an annual tradition – this year involving freebies, rewards, and encouragement for bloggers who want to make 2015 awesome. Here are the 15 things I think you need to know before you go and start a blog in 2015. If you already have a blog, make sure you still see whether you can make any big changes.

10 Reasons to Keep Blogging in 2015 (

Blogging is basically the new resume. Your potential employer and clients will Google your name. And if they see that you have a blog, rest assured that they will browse through it. Now, your blog should contain what you want others to see you as: as a writer, web designer, marketer, or whatever you are. This helps boost credibility and the blog itself may serve as a work portfolio with all your knowledge put into it. Besides that, you can also earn on the side. If you need more convincing on why you should start a blog (or continue on with your current one), here I give you 10 reasons why you should still blog in 2015.

What Blogging Has Become (

This is a post about Medium, which is a fascinating company partly because it has a lot of money, and partly because its leadership team first brought you Blogger (the first really successful blogging tool) and Twitter (Twitter), and which released a whole slate of new features this week in a kind of confusing way. But first it is about this question: What is web writing in 2015?

How to Start a Blog—Beginner’s Guide for 2015 (

So, you want to start a blog huh? Great idea! But…how the heck do you get started? There’s so much info out there on the web, and everyone’s telling you to do different things. Who do you listen to? Where’s the starting point? I used to be a blogging newbie too. I had the same problems. I started my blog ( back in 2006, and I knew less than nothing about blogging. In fact it was only the week before I’d learnt what a blog was.


How to Make Money as a Blogger (

When it comes to a lifestyle-friendly business, blogging appears to have it all. You get to work from home, focus on a topic of interest and share your creative talents. But can you really earn a living as a blogger? And if so, what’s the best way to get started? To help answer those questions, I recently spent two days at BlogHer15, the world’s largest conference for women bloggers (and a few brave men). And I came away with some smart tips from the experts that can help prospective and current bloggers interested in making money from full-time or part-time work.

The 18 Best Blogging and Publishing Platforms on the Internet Today (

Despite ongoing cries that blogging is slowly dying, there are still tons of people looking to start new blogs for the first time or move to a better platform on the Web. We wrote a comprehensive guide to blogging platforms two years ago, but the landscape has changed dramatically in that time, with new entrants and technologies offering completely new approaches to writing.

Starting a blog in the modern age can be very fulfilling and fun, but you’ll need to know where to start and what trends to follow to achieve success.

7 Business Blogging Mistakes that Blog Writers Should Avoid.


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