Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is the new trending app game by Nintendo that’s making people get up and walk outside more. This nostalgic game is taking teens and young adults back to their childhood, and even older generations are joining the excitement. “Gotta catch ‘em all” has become a common phrase to hear in public, and even in private, as many addicted players try to collect as much Pokémon as they can find. So it’s no wonder that many smart businesses, big or small, are using this game to market themselves and get people to notice them. And you can do it too!

Marketing Using the Game

There are so many ways to market your businessusing the Pokemon GO. Whether you play the game or not, you can still use it to attract people to your physical store, company, online business, organization, charity, blog, or what have you. The best part about this game is that it easily attracts people. Here are some ways to use the game to market your business:

  1. If You Are a PokéStop, Tell People

PokéStops are a great way to advertise your business, so if your business is located at a PokéStop, be sure to tell everyone. Go on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and share the news. People love going to PokéStops because they can collect Poké Balls, lures, eggs, and other fun gifts for the game. In other words, if you are a restaurant or a museum or just about any type of business, you can encourage people to come visit your location by telling them that you are a PokéStop and welcoming them to your business.

  1. Advertise that Pokémon GO Players Can Get Discounts with You

Yes, you can give discounts for players of the game, and since people love discounts, they will more than likely take the offer. For instance, you can say that people who show you they have the app can buy a pair of shoes and get the second pair half off. Or maybe you’ll give players $2 off a car wash service, or $2 off a movie ticket. You can even give discounts based on winning teams in the game. One restaurant that was a Pokémon Gym (which are gyms in the game, not real life) gave its customers “buy one get a free sandwich” if they showed that they were on the winning team (team mystic, instinct, or valor). This is a great marketing tactic, and you can put it out on social media for everyone to see.

  1. Even if You Are Not a PokéStop, You Can Market Your Business

Not a PokéStop? That’s OK. There are other ways to market your business without being a PokéStop or a Pokémon Gym. One way to do it is to tell people that you are giving discounts to anyone playing the game. Or you can be more specific and say that you are giving discounts to people on level 5 of the game and up. You might even say that you are giving discounts to specific teams in the game (although you would be excluding other teams from coming to get the discounts). Or, if you are a realtor, you can advertise that you can help players find the perfect house/apartment near a PokéStop or a Pokémon Gym. So even if you are not a PokéStop, you can still use the game to market your business.

  1. Are You a Church or a Charity? Use the Game to Market Yourself

Lots of churches, temples, or mosques are PokéStops, and they have used that as an opportunity to bring people inside their doors. For example, they said something like “We are a proud PokéStop! Bring your kids.” This is a great approach to attracting people by giving them something to look forward to. Some charities have also used the game to market themselves. For instance, a charity called Charity Miles is creating awareness using the game. Charity Miles has an app that you can download, and when you walk, money gets donated to your favorite charity. This charity decided to advertise themselves by saying that users of Pokemon GO can at the same time donate money to charity when they go out for walks.


There are many easy and fun ways to pull off marketing with Pokemon GO. By appealing to people who adore this big trend, your business will thrive.

Fun Fact: Did You Know…?

Did you know that TCDG Studios is located on a PokéStop? It’s true! Phillips Place fountain, located right underneath our marketing agency’s office, is a PokéStop, and we would love for you to visit us and collect Poké Balls!

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