leadsonlineLead generation occurs through many different marketing approaches and online presence. However, a big way to generate leads online is through your landing pages. Without these essential pages, you would never gather important information on your prospective buyers and customers, and you would never generate leads. In fact, all your digital marketing efforts are meant to steer your buyer personas to landing pages; all your work, such as your content, is for the purpose of moving your buyer personas down the funnel so that they become your customers. That’s why, in order to generate more online leads, follow these tips on improving your landing pages:

Basic Optimization Techniques for Landing Pages Before we dive into the ways you could improve your landing pages, there are basics that you should follow first.

Sometimes, even if you’re an expert at making landing pages, you forget to do one of the following things:

1)    Use a clear title, description, and layout to instantly convey the value of your offer and create a strong incentive for your visitors to download or sign up for it.

2)    Keep your visitors focused on filling out your form by removing all distractions, including navigation links, from the landing page.

3)    Include social sharing links to encourage your visitors to spread the word about your offer.

4)    Design your forms to capture the information that you need the most in order to follow up with and qualify the lead.

5)    Structure the forms with the user in mind so they’re not too long or invasive.

6)    After they have filled out your form, follow up with your new leads by directing them to a “thank-you” page or sending them an auto-response email. Keep them engaged by suggesting other offers they might be interested in or next steps they can take.

7)    Track your conversion rates closely, and keep testing to find areas for improvement. Use your metrics and test results to optimize your landing pages so they continue to generate more leads.

If you have the above steps set up, then your landing pages are probably pretty good. To go above and beyond and increase your leads online, however, you will need to follow the next few tips.

Include an Image and Make Sure It Is Relevant Landing pages need one image that indicates what people will receive after they fill out the page form. For that reason, be sure that the image you include is a high quality visual representation of the offer the buyer persona is waiting to obtain. For instance, if you are offering a free eBook, let the image suggest what the eBook will be about.

Be Sure Your Image Has alt-Text Alt-text makes images crawlable. Thus, when you add text to your image, you give search engines another reason to feature you in search. This will certainly increase your leads even if you think it’s just text on an image.

Make Sure Your Landing Page Is in the Proper Length How long or short your landing page is depends on the goals you have for that page. So if you want a lot of contacts from your form but don’t really care how high quality they are, keep the form short. If you care for quality over quantity, make it longer. The key is to know your landing page goal and stick by it with your form length. That’s the most effective way to generate leads online.


Mobile-Friendly, Mobile-Friendly, Mobile-Friendly… Finally, be sure that your landing page is mobile-friendly. Just like your website, the landing page needs to look good on any mobile device. Otherwise, the visitor might be overwhelmed or aggravated by the terrible layout or text size and exit the page.

Generating more leads online through improving your landing pages is helpful if you follow these simple but valuable tips.

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