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Live videos are taking over social media, but that is good news for you, right? The truth is, without familiarizing yourself with these social media marketing tools, you are at a disadvantage because other businesses will use them to gain clients while you stay far behind. If you want to be at the top of your business, then learning how and when to use social media live video streams is your key. Today, we are going to help you discover Facebook live for business marketing and give you a couple of tips on how to use it to dominate your business industry:

How to Use Facebook Live

If you have a Facebook account and a Facebook page for your business (and it is highly important that you do), then chances are that you already saw people posting live videos. While it is fun to share live videos with friends, you can also use this feature to market your product, brand, business, or yourself with a large number of users.

To start using Facebook live, you will need a mobile device, such as your phone or table. Then, where you would usually post a status, photo, and check in to a place, you will find a “Live” tab. You will need to click this tab to get started. After that, Facebook will tell you what to do and you will go live.

A couple of tips for using Facebook live:

  • Make sure you have good lighting before you start filming. Good lighting helps viewers see you better.
  • Don’t film somewhere loud, as that can make your viewers have a hard time hearing you. Besides, when you are introducing a product, a brand, or even yourself, you want people to be able to hear you clearly or else they will not stick around to watch your entire live stream.
  • Know what you are going to say. Don’t start a video without a plan because viewers might not take you seriously. If you are going to introduce a product, be sure to create a general outline of the points you are going to go over before filming. It also helps to practice what you are going to say.
  • If you are introducing a product, a brand, or the like, it can be helpful to show the product or the beta in the video. Otherwise you are just blabbering about an imaginary business. For instance, if you designed a unique on-the-go coffee maker, show how it can be used in the video.
  • Always end your video by thanking people for watching and telling them where they can connect with you. Give them your Twitter username, website, and all the important information they might need to reach you.

Why Doing a Livestream on Facebook is Good for Your Business

This livestream feature can be very useful for your business, and the reason for that is that Facebook actually bumps the importance of their live videos. As a result, when you livestream, more people are likely to view your video than anything else on your page. In fact, people will see your video high up on their newsfeed before anything else. This can help you market to more people in a short amount of time, which is useful for reaching more customers.


Facebook live can bring you closer to your target audience and ideal buyers or customers, so it is essential to know how to use it and take advantage of its availability.


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