marketingBThere are lots of guidelines that tell you how to accomplish strong marketing, this is very true. However, when it comes to marketing on social media marketing, there are actions that can hurt your marketing approach. You could lose followers, receive a bad reputation, and be thought of as spam. So what do you do to avoid a big social media marketing Orlando disaster? The below guidelines will make clear what NOT to do when using social media:

Don’t Just Share Your Content Sure, sharing great content, such as your informational and educational blogs, videos, and photos, is a great way to earn more followers and get found more often on the internet. Nevertheless, just sharing your content and nothing else can make people uninterested in you. Plus, you come across as self-centered, trying too hard to convince people to follow your product/business. So avoid doing this at all costs. Though, by all means, don’t stop sharing your wonderful content! Instead, try to add content from outside sources. Share interesting blogs you find on other sites. Retweet a great post on Twitter that your followers would enjoy reading. Share a video from a YouTube channel on the importance of using something related to your product/business (this is a great way to show that you don’t talk too much about yourself but while still reminding people of what you do). You can even respond to Facebook messages, Tweets, etc.…

Be Wary of Hashtag Overuse We’ve all been there and done that: overusing hashtags. Yup, it’s true. At the end of a Facebook or Twitter post we end up including four or five hashtags just to get more people to see our post. The outcome? A post that looks cluttered, like the one below:

Content marketing can grow your business. #ContentMarketing #SmallBusiness #Marketing #TipsOnMarketing

As you can see, this post is too cluttered with hashtags. Yes, it will get your post found by more people, but it will not look as professional as a post with a simple one or two hashtags. For instance, take a look at this improved post:

Content marketing can grow your business. #ContentMarketing #SmallBusiness

This is such a simple structure, yet it looks nicer, goes right to the point, and will still get your post found.

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Know Which Social Media Marketing Orlando Channels Are For You Most marketers use the big three social media channels to get found. These channels are, of course, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Yet, not every company/business is meant to use all three of these channels. In fact, some businesses might need to use another channel completely, like YouTube or Instagram. You see, every social media channel is designed for specific needs. If your business is something like “Clowny the Clown” and you market for birthday parties, then LinkedIn is probably not for you. However, Facebook, Twitter, and photo sharing channels, like Instagram, are certainly right for you. You get to post about your work, share funny, cool content, and even upload fun photos from the birthday parties “Clowny the Clown” has entertained at. Similarly, if your company markets a specific product, then you probably need to use YouTube and maybe even Snapchat to show the product to the world. It would be a way to advertise the product while still letting people know what benefits they would get out of buying it.

These guidelines for what not to do will highly help you avoid a social media marketing Orlando disaster that could reduce your loyal customers.

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