Being creative will make your company stand out from the rest. Social media postings that are appealing are more likely to be shared. Try to create a variety and get your inspiration rolling.

Like it or not – we are visual people. Whether you are surfing the web, driving down a street with multiple billboards, flipping through a magazine, or even watching TV, advertising is everywhere. But what is the most memorable. If it doesn’t catch your attention, you may not remember it. Here are some graphic design tips when designing your social media ad.

What is your goal? Setting your goal will help guide you to content and graphics. Do you want to increase sales or increase traffic? Who is your audience? All points after this will hopefully reflect this goal.

What colors should you use? Color sets the mood and creates a certain atmosphere. There is definitely a psychology behind finding the right color that conveys the emotion you want your brand to associate with.

Text is important.  As you know, words are powerful but too much text can be overwhelming. The point of social media is to deliver a message as simply as you can. Make sure you text is readable! That depends on color and size. The contrast of light colored font with dark background works well as well as dark colored font with a light background.

Typography should not be confused with text. Typography is choosing the right font. Fonts can be art forms of their own. When done correctly, the right font can bring your graphics to life. Keep in mind not to overdo it. Limit yourself to a maximum of 3 fonts. Serifs work best for print while san serifs work best for web.

Contrast is a simple way to make your image stand out. It can be done with font, colors, alignment, size, etc. The use of white space is also a great way to make an image stand out. Space around text or other elements will attract more attention than a cluttered design. Contrast can make your graphic design come to life.

When in doubt - keep it simple. Now that your audience will most likely view on a mobile phone, overcrowding happens. The use of contrasting colors or more white space can be beneficial. Less clutter can get your message across more easily.

Some Graphic Design Tips

On average, it takes about seven times of seeing or hearing your brand for someone to recognize it. Consistency and repetition of brand elements is essential.

Include your logo in every image but don’t make it cluttered. The point of social media graphics is to tell your story, attract an audience and send them to your website. If your graphic has no branding, the effort becomes ineffective. If your social media content looks and feels connected, your audience will form a clear understanding of your message. The easiest way to create consistency is to create templates for announcements or promotions.

Each platform is different so it is important to be aware and post accordingly.

  • Facebook is geared to the older generation
  • Instagram is geared to millennials
  • Twitter is great for engagement
  • Pinterest is great for new ideas
  • LinkedIn is great for business and networking

Now it’s time to get creating! We all have some creative juices inside us. Use the above tips to tell the world who you are!

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