a-signEmail is still one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available to the marketing organization. Here we are talking about one-to-many emails. This type of email allows marketers to connect with as many of their contacts as thy like, at one time. Email marketing is one of the best ways to build and nurture relationships with your contacts, both before and after they become a customer. Sending highly targeted emails with helpful and relevant content, will result in more engagement with contacts and more delighted customers.

The best email marketing starts before you even create the email.

  • Identify who you want to send it to – Be focused in sending your email. Import those contacts into your email marketing service software. Make sure you segment your email address database. It is important to only send to contacts who have opted-in to hear from you.
  • Identify the goal of the email – What is the purpose of emailing these contacts? Each email should have a clear action you want a recipient to take.

ribbonWriting the Best Email Marketing email – The next step subject line and from:

  • Make sure you send the email from a real person. Avoid using “noreply” or distribution emails such as sales@yourcompany.com  or info@yourcompany.com.
  • Create a home-run subject title – make sure it is clear, easy to understand and an attention grabber.

The Email Body

  • Focus your message on the recipient, not just your company.
  • Highlight the benefits and value to the reader while keeping the body text concise.
  • Use actionable language- make sure the purpose of the email is clear
  • Anchor your message with a clear call-to-action, this should be the same as the action you want the recipient to take
  • Include personalization tokens for more personable messages

PRO TIP: Always send a test email before sending or scheduling

Just don’t send but also analyze

Like most digital marketing tools, to make sure you have the best email marketing campaign you must analyze results.

  • Open rates vary based on how each email service reports it back to you. Look for trends in open rates across the emails your company is sending. Remember, an opened email is not necessarily a read email.

PRO TIP: Improve your open rates by working on your subject line, try out adding personalization, clarity, action-oriented verbs or questions.

  • Click through rate will vary by industry, business and even across personas and types of content. Try to find a trend in your own email data, and aim to always get a better click rate. As a frame of reference, less than 3% usually means your emails are missing the mark

PRO TIP: Add multiple chances for people to meet the goal of the email to increase click through rate

checklistSummary Check List for providing the best email marketing.

  1. Send emails from a specific person.
  2. Clear, concise and eye-catching subject line.
  3. Include a personalized greeting
  4. Focus the body of the message on the reader – help them understand the purpose of your message and why it relates to them.
  5. Provide calls-to-action for your contact to know exactly what they should do next.
  6. When including an image, make sure it is relevant to the message.
  7. Sign-off with a concise signature.
  8. When appropriate, include social sharing for the call-to-action.

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