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Content writers such as bloggers, social media marketers, and business eBook writers oftentimes make the mistake of assuming that any content relating to their business has the ability to convert a visitor into a buyer, client, or fan. However, that is not at all how things work. Content should reflect where a targeted buyer is in the sales cycle, rather than what the content writer finds convenient to write about. Let us break down the sales cycle that is the buyer’s journey to better help you understand why this is important. For clarity, we are going to refer to your targeted audience or ideal customer as “the buyer.” However, the buyer does not start out being a buyer/customer/fan of whatever you are selling, advertising, or branding.

Attracting the Buyer

At this point in the buyer’s journey, the buyer is not looking to buy anything from you. In fact, all he or she wants to see is entertaining and valuable content. At this point in the cycle, the buyer wants to:

  • Learn
  • Discover
  • Be amused.

Think about content you enjoy seeing online. You most likely do not hop on websites or social media pages you have never heard of with the purpose of buying from them. At first, you are just looking to learn more about the new website and view their awesome content. If you like what you see, you might eventually be converted into a buyer.

The attraction stage of the buyer’s journey is probably the most important, because it is what is going to bring and keep visitors from leaving your site and pages. A few things content writers can share during this stage are:

  • Valuable, informative posts and blogs related to your business
  • Humorous, entertaining posts related to your business (fun posts always attract people)

Converting the Buyer

content writerNext, content writers should create content to convert those visitors they attracted in the previous stage into leads. Buyers in the conversion stage are looking for content that solves their problems. They already know more about you and they like what they see. Now they want solutions for whatever it is you do best. For instance, if you are a selling a leather handbag conditioner, then your buyer might be looking for solutions to protecting and renewing old, dry leather. At this stage of the buyer’s journey, you can help them by doing the following:

  • Sharing content that answers questions they might be asking
  • Offering free courses
  • Offering free informational eBooks
  • Doing free giveaway
  • Giving a free consultation

Of course, when you give a free service (such as the free eBook, giveaway, or consultation), you would be asking for a name and email address in return. By giving you their contact information, visitors are converted into leads.

Closing with the Buyer

Once the content writer has converted a visitor into lead, he can start working on the closing stage. This does not mean that the writer is finished with the lead. On the contrary, this means that the lead would officially be transformed into a buyer. Some ways to close a lead into a buyer is by:

  • Sharing testimonials of your customers (to show that you are worth buying from)
  • Sharing product prices and benefits upfront
  • Show the product in action
  • Give discounts, deals, and/or free gifts for first time buyers

Delighting the Buyer

Once content writers have converted and closed the buyer, that does not mean that they are done with him or her. They have to keep delighting the buyer so that he or she comes back time and time again. Continuing to answer questions your buyer has is necessary during this stage. You also need to regularly give buyer-only offers to show your buyers how much you appreciate them. Additionally, you should regularly interact with your buyers on social media. Did they leave a concerned message? Respond back. If you continue to educate and delight the buyer, he or she will stick with your business.


Content writers should never forget about the buyer’s journey. By paying attention to each stage of the buying cycle, they can convert visitors to leads to buyers.


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