Digital marketing is a crucial for brand awareness. After all, if you want the world to know about your business, what better way to do it than to share your business story with the world? However, though marketing works wonders for your brand awareness, it requires a little something extra to get it pushed out into the world. And that little something is digital advertising. In today’s world, Facebook is the leading platform for marketing and advertising. This is because there are over 1.86 billion monthly Facebook users worldwide, and that number only increases each year. Thus, the best way to pull off marketing is to integrate Facebook advertising.

The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

Marketing is all about your brand awareness. It is the part where you tell your story. How did your business start? What inspired your business? What do you hope to accomplish with your business? Marketing gives you the chance to connect with your target audience, listen to what they like and dislike, and help them know your business better. It is putting your image out there on the World Wide Web for everyone to see.

Facebook advertisingAdvertising is about taking the story you shared through marketing and spreading it far and wide. It is reaching the biggest amount of target audience.

For instance, marketing is creating a great, informative video relevant to your business and putting it on social media. Advertising is taking that video and paying for it to better reach your target audience. With marketing alone, you only have a small chance of your target audience stumbling upon your content. However, with advertising, you are insuring that a larger number of people see your content.

How Can You Do Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertisingYou can get started with Facebook advertising by boosting great, informative posts and specifying who you want to see that post. For instance, if you have a bookstore and want to advertise to readers, you would boost your post (say blog, photo, video, etc.) on the top 5 books of 2017 by specifying who you want to see that post. Your audience could be readers of mystery novels, young adults, or people who are looking for self-help books or books on DIY project ideas. Your target audience is up to you to decide.

Another important thing to do to get started with Facebook advertising is to create a Facebook ad. This is not advertising (or boosting) a post you previously published, as discussed above. This is simply an ad that does not show up on your page. With such an ad, you can reach out to people with an offer or a call to action. You could give your target audience 20% off their first purchase with you or offer a free eBook relevant to their interests and your business. This way, more people get familiar with your brand through advertising. Hence why marketing and advertising go together.


Facebook advertising can help you reach a larger audience with your marketing. Together, marketing and advertising will increase your brand awareness.


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