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Why a Persona?

By Jack Manhire | July 10, 2019

What is a persona and why is it important to my branding efforts? Creating a persona, a fictional character to represent a user type for your service/product is important to your marketing efforts.. Whether you’re developing a smartphone app or a mobile-responsive website, it’s very important to understand who will be using the product or…

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Digital Marketing

By Denise Parkhill | May 17, 2019
digital marketing

If you want to go where the people are, you need to be active online. Digital marketing has to be incorporated in an effectively executed marketing and advertising campaign. It can serve the needs of any business and increase the demand for the product or service that they offer. Times have changed, and the need…

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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Corporate Storytelling

By Jack Manhire | May 1, 2019

The most beautiful curve is the graph of rising sales.  If you look back on the times you were riding high on a beautiful sales curve (sales rising) or crashing on an ugly sales curve (falling sales) – [It should be noted at this point that every business person, entrepreneur, founder, manager or similar titles…

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Social Media Posting Tips

By admin | April 12, 2019

Being creative will make your company stand out from the rest. Social media postings that are appealing are more likely to be shared. Try to create a variety and get your inspiration rolling. Like it or not – we are visual people. Whether you are surfing the web, driving down a street with multiple billboards, flipping…

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What is Your Keyword Strategy for Internet Marketing?

By Denise Parkhill | July 17, 2017

The next chapter to optimize your website for internet marketing is building a keyword strategy. A keyword is a word or phrase that a person uses to gather information on a topic online. People can enter keywords into search engines like Google and Bing or social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. More and…

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