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The 3 Don’ts Of Social Media Marketing

By Denise Parkhill | June 9, 2017

There are lots of guidelines that tell you how to accomplish strong marketing, this is very true. However, when it comes to social media marketing, there are actions that can hurt your marketing approach. You could lose followers, receive a bad reputation, and be thought of as spam. So what do you do to avoid…

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Social Media is a Requirement for Internet Marketing

By Denise Parkhill | June 6, 2017

Social Media has become the internet and not just part of the internet. The use of social media is no longer an enhancement but a necessity for your social media marketing efforts. In the past, people used social media simply to communicate with friends and loved ones, and while that is still happening (in fact,…

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Several Ways to Use Facebook Live for Business Marketing

By Denise Parkhill | May 25, 2017

Live videos are taking over social media, but that is good news for you, right? The truth is, without familiarizing yourself with these social media marketing tools, you are at a disadvantage because other businesses will use them to gain clients while you stay far behind. If you want to be at the top of…

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How to Convert Blog Visitors into Loyal Customers

By Denise Parkhill | May 23, 2017

If a visitor is new to your blog, they’re likely going to need some convincing that it’s worth coming back to time and time again. Just as with any effective call-to-action, you need to clearly demonstrate that value of subscribing to your blog. Explain what the visitor will get from the blog when subscribing. You’ll…

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Digital Marketing Strategies to Follow for Success

By Denise Parkhill | May 11, 2017

Whether you’re starting a business or a service, you should utilize digital marketing in order to grow your customer and client list and reach more people. Though, you can’t simply start digital marketing without a plan. There are a couple of areas you must prepare ahead of time. Here are some strategies to help your…

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