Mission and Vision

Formulation Workshop

This workshop has been designed to guide the appropriate elements of an organization in the formulation of their Mission and Vision statements. Participants will be facilitated through a series of steps designed to:

  • Define the reason for the organization’s existence
  • Define the character and priorities of the organization
  • Foster discussion leading to a consensus on the content of the statements
  • Develop the actual mission and vision statements for the organization
  • Understand the dynamics of making these statements work for the organization

This workshop utilizes a step-by-step process using worksheets and storyboarding to achieve the goal of developing the organization’s mission and vision statements.


  • Understand the importance of Organizational Mission and Vision Statements
  • Learn the difference between a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement
  • Learn the essential elements of a Mission Statement
  • Develop a Mission and Vision Statement for your organization


Instructional lecture, and a variety of interactive methods, such as group discussion, breakout group work, group presentations, storyboarding, and feedback


  • Mission Statement: 3 – 4 hours
  • Vision Statement: 1 – 2 hours

Credo Development

Mission and Vision statements often take on certain structural attributes such as length and sequencing of concepts and/or stakeholders. Often the full spirit and letter of what the Mission and Vision Statements may not be obvious from the reading of the statements. Organizations often develop a Credo that explains the beliefs, meanings, and rational behind each Mission and Vision statement. Seraph facilitates the collection of such meanings and incorporates them into a Credo write-up that is used as a script to further explain and present the statements to various stakeholders. Sections of the Credo will be developed to take into account different concerns and considerations for each stakeholder group.

Publishing Statements and Developing an Awareness Program

Mission and Vision statements are only as effective as the extend that they are disseminated and understood. Seraph provides for its clients the following services in this regards:

  • Design Communications program for statement(s) dissemination to various stakeholders
  • Design statement publishing and printing for distribution and public display. This also includes auditing existing printed and digital material for statement inclusion
  • Develop Employee Training Program to explain the statements including the Credo and present common success actions and pitfalls in achieving the published statements.

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