Story Vineyard

What is Story Vineyard

Story Vineyard is based on the strength of “It all begins with Story”. Story Vineyard was created and is designed to analyze, understand, and develop solutions; to create or enhance brand identity; generate new concepts and communication tools; identify new directions and strategies for organizational change; design and deliver intentional experiences; and generate and instill authentic work environments.

Story Vineyard’s basis is that we begin to provide solutions through the Power of Story. Its essence is that we give a client’s story life and we bring that story to life (to others - clients, targeted buyers, employees, the community at large or any other stakeholder).

Story Vineyard is built around a workshop that utilizes “story circle” exercises, audits existing information, and incorporates story “Harvesting” techniques known as Vineyard Vines. Information collected and recorded are analyzed and summarized into what we have named The Story Bible. Story Vineyard diagnoses current state and future needs by listening to the stories within the organization. Each Story Vineyard workshop is customized based on the client’s goals, time availability, and participates’ profiles.

Selected Story Vineyard Goals

The overriding goal of Story Vineyard is to utilize the power of story by:
“Telling the Right Story”
“Tell the Story Right”
Story Vineyard was developed to use the power of story to assist in addressing one or more management strategic objectives:

  • Branding
  • Team Building/Relationship Building
  • Leadership, Strategy, and Change Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Marketing

Story Bible provides

  • Guidelines for the continuous process of Story Creation
  • Storyteller recommendations specific to the organization, product, team
  • Initial set of base stories to both compliment the branding process and the launching of marketing campaigns.

Story Vineyard Activities

Story Vineyard develops for organizations, products/services, teams, or brands:

  • Core stories of Identity, Vision, Values, and Change/Lessons Learned
  • Establish organizations persona voice
  • Utilize the narrative/story arc to highlight the organizations characteristics, competitors and/or conflict, and resolutions
  • User Journey story arcs: Journey stories are used to engage an audience (targeted buyers) by creating things that consumers want to use, use often, and recommend to others. Things can include websites, software, performance based retainers, etc. There are three User’s Journey Stories: Concept Stories, Origin Stories, and Usage Stories.

Bring Your Story to Life