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15th anniversary

Orlando – In 2003, TCDG Studios was started on four simple concepts of Talent, Creativity, Design, and Great Stories. Over the past 15 years, TCDG has continually changed with the times. No matter the outcome, media, platform or audience, TCDG has not only provided creative design solutions but also has developed effective innovative marketing and…

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The Power of Your Business Story and How to Tell It

What is a business story? Is it stopping every person that walks into your shop and telling them about yourself? Is it lecturing your employees on how to chat with one another? No, of course not! Story in business is more powerful that simply telling a random story. In fact, this story is what will set…

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Why Business Storytelling Is Essential for Every Corporation

Who are you as a business? You can answer that question with a simple sentence, such as “I am a shoe salesman.” However, after an initial introduction, it is likely that no one will remember much about your business. A connection has not been made. After all, there are thousands of shoe companies. What makes…

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How You Can Include Storytelling in Business

It is important to include corporate storytelling in business. Storytelling is an essential part of life. After all, we have been sharing stories since the beginning of man. It all started with cavemen carving their stories on cave walls (and perhaps even before then). Therefore, because storytelling is part of who we are, we should…

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4 Most Powerful TCDG Studios Blogs on Corporate Storytelling

Corporate storytelling is a must for every business to grow. It is how you can connect with people and create a trusted bond. Your story is more powerful than you think. People love stories and even trust in stories. So, telling your business story is not something you just do at networking events. It is…

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3 Ways to Do Corporate Storytelling Through Social Media

Social media is a great place to connect with potential customers and clients. The various channels and platforms come together to form one big network for you to use and benefit from. However, what is the value of social media if you cannot take advantage of the one thing that makes it what it is:…

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Business Storytelling: 6 Most Effective Ways to Tell Your Story

Storytelling is everywhere. Sit down with your friends and family and immediately you will observe stories being shared. Gossip, tidbits, history lessons, family legends, and even discussion of what someone ate that day are a form of storytelling. Every single day, we all partake in this primitive act: telling stories. Cavemen did it by carving…

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Corporate Storytelling: Why Brand Needs Story

Story crosses borders, reconciling supposed opposites, and eroding false distinctions. What works in entertainment works just as well for B2C and B2B brands and communications. Think about it, people love stories! As human beings, we share stories every single day (unless we are hermits and live alone in the mountains). Gossip is a form of…

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Why Corporate Storytelling is Essential for Your Brand

Storytelling has been around since the start of humankind. It is how we communicate ideas, share specific messages with one another, and even educate and entertain people. Telling stories is at the heart of our being, so much so that we even use stories in marketing. Commercials are filled with stories, because that makes people…

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Corporate Storytelling Strengthens Customer Relations

Successful organizations fill their organization with the voice of the customer. Corporate Storytelling must begin with really getting to know what your customer thinks of your organization and its products/services. The obvious approach is to ask. Asking alone does not provide the complete answer. Listening to your customers’ stories is the single most important use…

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