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Employee Training

By Jack Manhire | March 27, 2019

Organizations today lack skills training for their new employees. There are many advantages to having employee training programs – formal or informal. It leads to success for the organization, but also for the individual employee. Training provides employees with knowledge they need on a day-to-day basis to operate within an organization. Proper training can lead…

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4 Trend Blogs on Corporate Training Materials in 2016

By Diane Manhire | March 9, 2016

Corporate training materials have had changes in style in the past decade, and in 2016, trends are changing again, making corporate training better and more effective than ever before. The following are the top four blogs discussing these new trends:

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How to make effective digital presentations

By Diane Manhire | May 15, 2015

In today’s world of digital platforms and the world wide web, effective digital presentations are important to all applications and ages. This range expands young child learning to adult skills development. It spans formal training to how-to and help services. This blog contains several blogs that address this key topic of creating effective digital presentations.

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Quick Tips About Corporate Training Materials

By Diane Manhire | April 29, 2015

The digital world as experienced through the web, mobile devices and even social media has had an impact on corporate training material. The following is a list of blogs that can be used as resources when developing corporate training material.

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10 Best Blogs to Follow About Digital Presentations

By Diane Manhire | February 6, 2015

Digital Presentations can take many forms. Power Point has been a popular tool used since the early days of computers to help individuals and groups provide image-rich and visually appealing presentations. In recent years, technology tools have become available online to make presentations even more engaging, interactive, or reachable to a diverse audience. The incorporation…

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