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TCDG Studios, through our 5 step Instructional design process ISD-Smart, provides a full range of adult learning services. Our integration of ISD methodology, cognitive learning theories, and creative design talent offers our clients cost-effective and learning –effective training solution. Realizing adult learning can no longer appeal to just one type of learner, our designers address your learners’ auditory, visual, and tactile senses.

Training solutions requires more than the subject matter expert (SME). TCDG Studios’ Training Solutions go beyond the normal classroom equipment and material requirements. We integrate sound cognitive techniques (learning), different and varied teaching approaches (classroom and/or non-classroom approaches), technical capabilities for course delivery, and the design and development of the course so that it merges teaching with technology, and subject expertise with effective instructional design.

Our Training Services


Instructional System Design

The TCDG Studios’ Instructional System Design (ISD) services create training programs that are geared to both your audience and your industry. We combine subject matter experts (SME) knowledge, adult learning principles, modern instructional design models and training project management experience. Our successful training programs are based on the understanding that effective ISD is both a science and an art - a science because it is based on learning theories and an art because of the creative elements we apply to the design process.


Instructor-led Training

Our training solutions set provides virtual instructor-led training (VILT) - training delivered in a virtual or simulated environment. Often the instructor and learner are in separate locations. Based on learning objectives and student profiles, our VILT solutions can model the traditional classroom experience or can be designed to deliver a customized learning experience. Our instructor-led instructional design provides:

  • mechanisms for frequent instructor and students to communications,
  • content that captures and keeps the students’ attentions,
  • collaboration between instructor and student,
  • maximizes student engagement.


TCDG Studios develops a full range of E-Learning solutions for various platforms: internet/cloud, intranet, networks, or CD/DVD computer-based training. Our E-Learning solutions allows your learners to “take” courses/lessons at their own pace. E-Learning courses are supplemented with forums, blogs, and webcasts. We understand the learning difference(s) between performance problems, increasing knowledge, and developing cognitive skills.

Our blended learning approach combines several media formats in one course. At times this may call for the integration of face-to-face delivery with E Learning activities. This provides our designers to different learning styles that may exist among your learners.


Task Training

Task training is based on a simple concept: you learn what you practice. These training solutions are designed to meet our clients’ goal of improving their task performance. We also provide cognitive strategy task training. This approach may be used when the desired outcome is also having the student be able to transfer what they have learned to other tasks. Task Training is very goal oriented.


Distance Learning

Distance learning solutions address those learners who may not be able to physically attend a given class. Distance learning is not limited to E-Learning solutions. Our distance learning solutions also include DVD based courses, correspondence courses, audio conferencing. Many of our distance learning instructional designs includes distance learning with classroom instruction.


Self Paced Learning

Self paced learning is not a different course delivery method. It is training that addresses the various learning paces of your learner. Our Instructional System Design approach will analysis your training requirements. This will help determine if self-paced learning is appropriate. For example self-paced training addresses the need to review material more than once.

The learner’s environment is also considered. This includes scheduling limitations. Self-paced solutions is effective when a large number of students must take the course.

Some of Our Learning Solutions

  • Implementing a new technology
  • Developing managers and leaders
  • Compliance training needs
  • Franchisee and User Group Training


  • Corporate Brand, Sales, and Product rollouts
  • New Hire Training
  • Task Training

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