Organizations today lack skills training for their new employees. There are many advantages to having employee training programs - formal or informal. It leads to success for the organization, but also for the individual employee. Training provides employees with knowledge they need on a day-to-day basis to operate within an organization. Proper training can lead to employee retention in a big way.

As millennials enter the work force, leadership training and communication skills become important.

There are many types of training. Larger companies may have a handbook but it takes a while for most employees to digest all the rules the first week. HR can be helpful in this case to highlight the important rules.

Compliance probably ranks high on the list because a new employee can get an organization in trouble until he/she learns all the do's and don't's, especially in highly regulated businesses.

Security is also high on the list these days or at least it should be. An interesting fact is that most data breaches are because of negligence on the part of the employee.

Another training is customer service training. While all employees don't come face-to-face with a customer, it says a lot about an organization on how they interact with customer. Therefore, training in this regard is beneficial for all. Disney is a great example of training their employees with the "Be My Guest" approach to all employees no matter their role.

Certifications are a good way to add to employee's skills and performance. There are many training programs delivered locally with specific skills as well as soft skills.

Never ignore safety training. Employees should know what to do in case of fire. It can make a difference in saving lives.

Other beneficial training may include time management and business email writing.

If training is not a part of your corporate culture, consider starting a training program today. Employee training can only benefit an organization both on an individual level and a corporate level.

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