User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) make up a successful website. However, they also come together to make up other tools, such as ATM machines, software, electronics, kiosks, self-pay machines, and so much more. UI and UX design are not the same, but they work side by side. One without the other creates something that is incomplete. Think of them as each other’s Yin and Yang. So, what are they exactly, why are marketing agencies obsessed with them, and what how can you implement them? Let us find out!

What Are They?

UI and UX design refers to how well a user deals and interacts with whatever you have created. For instance, when you create a website, your goal is for users to keep visiting it. This is where User Interface and User Experience come in. Designing a website should be about the user. Will the user be able to navigate through your site with ease and find everything they need? Will they be able to enjoy the experience of browsing your site? These questions are all about the User Interface and User Experience.

UI and UX designFor your website, UI Design is the main display that people will see. It is the look of your site and its responsiveness. A good UI design is one that is mobile-friendly (can be viewed on any mobile device and desktop computer without losing its responsiveness). All the buttons and links should work properly for a UI design to be effective. Otherwise, users will leave your site because they will think it is outdated, unreliable, and unprofessional.

On the other hand, UX design for your website is the content and how it makes the user feel. For instance, when the user reads the text on your website’s homepage, is he or she likely to open another page of your site? How about if users read your blogs? Does the content interest your website visitors? UX design is all about how the user responds emotionally toward what you put on your site. This could be anything from text and colors to pictures and videos.

Why Marketing Agencies Swear by UI and UX Design

User Interface and User Experience are an integral part of any successful website. Therefore, when marketing agencies want to build or rebuild a strong website, they rely on both User Interface and User Experience. It is the only way a website will bring visitors in and keep them coming back.

How Can You Implement Them?

UI and UX design are straightforward. To make sure your website has a good user interface, do the following:

  • Create a responsive web design
  • Make sure all links are up-to-date
  • Make sure images are clear and attract visitors (image colors should be taken into consideration, since colors affect people’s emotions)
  • Your logo design should be placed at the top where it can be seen first thing

As for a good user experience, be sure the following are a part of your site and tailor them to your user’s needs and wants:

  • Images
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Calls-to-action
  • Landing pages
  • Polls
  • Colors

In UX design, it is important that you find out what your users like and are looking for on your site. The content, colors, call-to-actions, and other things that you include on your site should be based on relevant information they are searching for. You will even need to find out the colors that make the best user experience. If users find your bright colors blinding, you will need to change the colors to subtle tones.


UI and UX design are different, but they complete one another. Without one, your website would not drive users to visit and stay. Never underestimate their value.


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