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Having a website in today’s business world is no longer optional. You either have one or you are not serious about your business. In fact, your website is your main marketing channel. It is the place your customers turn to when they want to learn more about you or contact you. It is even a place where you share important content, like relevant educational blogs and videos. Thus, all web content writers can learn a thing or two from these 7 myths and facts about websites.

#1 – I do not need a website

There are still business owners and companies that still think this. It really is not a question of you not thinking a site is not necessary. The real question is does your customers/clients expect you to have one.

Most customers expect you to have a site. Often they believe that companies without websites are not worth doing business with. Now there are some businesses that may not need a website, like the food truck at a construction site, but even they are now taking orders from mobile devices. The bottom line is that you need a website if your company will benefit from it.

#2 – All Websites are the same. I can just buy the cheapest one and be done

Let us first address the corollary of this myth that is any website is better then none. Actually a poor website can cause more business and branding harm then no site.  When someone is on the web, your site represents you. It is often your first impression. If they do not like what they see, they will not like you and click off your site. You have probably lost a potential customer.

You get what you pay for. Today your website can be one of the most important investments your organization can make. What a website should be and how it can be useful to your viewers (and thus useful to you) must take in many aspects. Actually content is king. Web content writers are one of your most important part of your website design and build team. Your website is not the place to use a tech-savoy relative or friend or someone right out of some design school. Your website should exude a professional image. You want to make sure visitors can easily navigate your site to find the information they want.

#3 – Once My Website is built I can Forget About It

A website is very similar to other assets we have both professionally and personally. Once you buy it, you must give it “gas” to keep it going. You must maintain it and replace parts when the part has worn out. Websites, that do not change, are quickly forgotten, especially by the search engines. Web content writers should actively be changing content to keep your site in tune with your potential buyers and visitors requirements.

All your stakeholders – elements that causes change in your business – competitors, client expectations, shareholders, government regulations, products, services, etc. will effect your website. Your website must keep on changing just to stay current and relevant.

web content writers#4 – My website Must Always Use the Latest Technology

Many an IT company or a member of your IT department may want you to believe this. The truth is your visitors don’t care what technology is behind your website. Often a visitor’s browser may not permit them to use the latest technology.

It comes down to this – do you want to known as using the latest web development technology, or do you want to engage a visitor with the most valuable value proportion of your target market?

#5 – Build Your Website and They Will Come

Like many other aspects of today’s economy, this not true. Your website is driven by quality content. That is why web content writers are very critical to a successful website. The proper content assists your visitor in solving their problem. It is also a major part of search engine optimization (SEO) algorithms.

Prospective visitors do not care about you, your products/services, or about your website. They care about you providing information that will help them solve some problem, that adds value to their concerns.

Just building a website is like printing direct mail material and never mailing it out. Service engines will eventually find your site but you need to promote it. Don’t forget there are nearly 300 millions sites that you are competing against in some form or other. You need to direct traffic toward your site.

#6 – Might As Well Spend My Marketing Dollars On Other Marketing Forms

First one should use whatever combination of marketing campaigns that are effective with a high ROI. Remember that 78.6% of Americans use the Internet multiple times per day. Your website can potentially reach over 246 million people per day.  The website marketing method is one of the least expensive forms of marketing yielding an impressive ROI.

# 7 – I Need to Know About Computers to Have a Website

Do you need to be an electronics engineer to use your smart phone or a mechanical engineer to drive your car? Of course not. An experienced website design and develop company will do everything for you: hosting, building the proper design and navigation, creating content, special functionality, and not only develop the content but manage and change content as needed.

You do need to know about your business and the persona(s) of your targeted buyers. Web content writers will take this knowledge and craft the proper content for your site.


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