A successful website is one that allows visitors to browse through without feeling overwhelmed. At the same time, a successful website also works to grow your business by drawing leads in and turning them into customers. For that reason, it is important to create the best web design lead generation tool you can. Not only do you need to cater all aspects of your website to your ideal buyer persona, but you also need to have a vibrant layout and strong content.

The Kind of Content Your Website Needs

Before we dive into the web design lead generation process, you’ll need to know a few important details in order to plan out your website. Since you’re creating a website that attracts your ideal buyer persona, you’ll need to know what kind of content that buyer persona likes. For instance, if your buyer persona is looking for customized cell phone covers, you would make sure that all your content revolves around customized cell phone covers. You would create a blog that continuously shares relevant information about the topic, and you would place images of your cell phone covers strategically around the site. It is the content, after all, that will be a part of your website’s layout, and so it is essential that you choose and create the most appealing content you can.

Your Website’s Layout

Next, you can finally start working on the web design. You never want your website to be cluttered; thus, you should keep the layout as simple as possible, while still sharing your business/product message throughout the site. Follow these web design lead generation tips:

  • You need a call-to-action (CTA) on every page of your site, especially on each blog. For instance, on your homepage, you could have a CTA button that says something like “Take 20% Off Your First Customized Cell Phone Cover Purchase.” It is crucial, at the same time, to know where to place the CTAs. You don’t want your buyer persona to leave your website simply because they never found the discount offer that would’ve helped them afford your product. Therefore, place CTAs somewhere visible, such as at the top and bottom of each page, or to the right and bottom of each blog.
  • When creating a web design, embrace white space. Having just enough white space on your pages will allow images and CTAs to stand out. Otherwise, too much text will scare potential leads away and make you seem unorganized and unprofessional.
  • If you can, use social proof elements, like client list, testimonials, or recommendations, to draw potential leads in and make them see that you are credible. Have these social proof elements right on your homepage, possibly at the end of your business/product intro.

The Layout of Your Landing Pages

web design lead generationLanding pages also need a vibrant, yet simple layout that draws your ideal buyer persona in. However, unlike your web layout lead generation practices, when it comes to your landing pages, you need to remove the top navigation so that your potential customer doesn’t get distracted with the other sections of your site. You will also need to keep each landing page’s content short and right to the point. Bullet points are perfect for this, since they summarize what the customer is receiving in an easy way. At the same time, include an image, something relevant to your product or service that helps catch the buyer persona’s interest. And in order for the buyer persona to receive whatever offer you’re giving him/her, create a small form that collects a few important information from the buyer persona, such as his/her name and email address. Place this form on the right side of the page, and underneath the form, be sure you include a submission button that is a CTA button in and of itself. You can do this by designing the button in a way that reinforces what the buyer persona is receiving. An example would be a submission button that says, “Get Your 20% Discount Off Your First Customized Cell Phone Cover.” As a result, when the buyer persona clicks this button, they receive the discount they were promised and you receive their information that turns them into a lead.

With these web design lead generation tips, you’ll have a great-working, successful site that attracts visitors and converts them into leads. Remember, a simple, uncluttered layout is a must, and everything on your site should work around that simplicity.


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