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According to a Google report, 90% of online users utilize multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task over time. This means that an individual could start reading your content on their Android, continue on a tablet, and finish on a laptop. A good mobile marketing means creating a seamless, optimized experience on each of these devices. To do so successfully, marketers need to be thinking about responsive design, lead generation, and mobile ROI. When you have a responsive design, your website will appear properly formatted and designed across any device. As a result, you would be utilizing lead generation web design and helping visitors come back to your mobile site time and time again.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) 15% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. As this number continues to grow, how do you ensure the audience coming to your website from mobile has the same experience as the audience coming to your website from desktop? Start introducing your business to the concept of responsive web design. RWD is a web design approach that provides an optimal viewing experience from mobile phones, to tablets, to desktop computer monitors. Not only does RWD allow visitors to have a better experience through every touchpoint to your website, but it makes mobile optimization easier on your end as the marketer. To put it simply, RWD takes a website and automatically repackages content to fit the device viewing it. Once you make an RWD website, you are already employing lead generation web design for mobile.

How to Start Generating Leads through Your RWD Site Generating leads through mobile marketing requires taking a step back and thinking about ways you can optimize information and content you already have for mobile experiences. We highlighted four tactics you can implement to optimize your content for mobile lead generation. Plus, if you have already created a responsive website, you are more likely to prevent visitors from bouncing off your site.

  • Employ progressive profiling forms: Forms on a mobile device can be extremely frustrating. The fields are usually too small, and you end up clicking the wrong line. That’s where progressive profiling comes in. lead generation web designProgressive profiling technology, a feature that is usually an extension of dynamic form fields, allows you to set up iterative forms that enable you to designate which questions appear based on what you already know about a particular lead. That way, every time a lead fills out a form, you are progressively collecting valuable new information about them while keeping your forms short and easy to complete.
  • Create simple calls-to-action: When creating CTAs for your website, think about how they will appear on different devices. You may not want the most visually heavy design as that could be distracting on the small screen of a mobile device or tablet. But you do want an image with clear, readable text. That means short, to-the-point CTAs that get your message across quickly with only a few words.
  • Provide discounts and customer loyalty: Another way to measure your mobile presence is through discounts and promotions that will be redeemed through mobile devices. This can be in the form of promo codes, customer loyalty discounts, or even on-location specials.
  • Make your phone number clickable: When someone picks up their mobile phone, they are going to take an action. Whether that’s opening an app, searching for a company, or simply texting a friend, they are much more action-oriented when on their phone versus a tablet or desktop computer. Therefore, make sure your phone number is clickable on your website. By doing so, your customers do not have to copy and paste or memorize your phone number—they just click on it and are instantly dialing.

So what are you waiting for? Go make your website mobile friendly. By relying on these web design tips and tactics, you will have a great mobile website with an increased number of visitors.

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