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Marketing - Optimized for the Buyer's Journey

Your digital presence goes beyond having a website. How are you going to market it? – get visitors to the site, receive a phone call or email, visit your location - have them become leads and then eventually consumers? Organic SEO and PPC are no longer major sourcing avenues. They have been surpassed by social media posting/advertising, blogging, and content marketing.

Besides all these various channels being critical to successful marketing, they must be visually appealing with media rich content, photos, graphics and the fast growing requirement for video. Such media must not only “look” good but must also add to the persuasiveness of your brand.

Our highly successful experience includes:

Social Media Channels and Networks

With a major shift to mobile in recent years, people use their mobile devices to connect with things that matter to them — including discovering and communicating with your business. As a marketing strategy, social media is highly cost-effective. Businesses have discovered that social media helps engaging and interacting with present and potential consumers, increases web traffic, increases SEO strength, and improves brand loyalty.

Blogs and Content Marketing

Business blogging helps you rank in search engines and get found when people search for industry-specific products or services. Your blog is an asset that introduces you as a thought leader. This will help you earn people’s trust and stay top of mind for many in your buyer’s journey. Blogs give you digitally a place for calls-to-action in order to generate leads.

E-blasts / E-newsletters

Email continues to be a major digital marketing tool with the highest ROI. Email has a longer lifespan than social media and permits you to be highly personal. Email marketing is increasing with consumers, demonstrating a preference to email when it comes to marketing communications. An important aspect of successful email based campaigns is list segmentation and management.

Online Advertisements and PPC Campaigns

Online advertisement has shown to be fast and flexible with the ability to track performance. With digital ads, you can define and address specific target markets while being less expensive than other forms of traditional advertising.

Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is the all important process of generating leads that can be eventually worked and nurtured into customers. This includes: premium content creation; leverage landing pages – to increase lead conversions, and creating compelling call-to-actions (CTA) - increasing visit-to-contact rates.


Latest research studies report that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Thus visuals are a major part of effective digital marketing campaigns. Recent surveys report that the use of infographics ranks the highest in terms of media that affects learning and retention of information.

Custom ROI Analysis and Reporting

It is important to provide not only analysis of ROI but also changes that continually improve digital marketing / advertising results. This include: reporting back success – what’s working/what’s not; identifying marketing channels that have the biggest impact on new contacts & customers; leveraging results to improve performance; and A/B testing.

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