Building Your Brand's Equity

An Integrated Approach

In today’s business environment, a brand’s digital presence can no longer be implemented as stand-alone processes. One starts with an idea – an idea or concept that is grounded in a story. TCDG Studios’ Concept Design processes create and enhance brand identity, generate new concepts, help identify new directions and strategies for organizational change and through our highly effective program Story Vineyard, build powerful experiences through stories.

Brand is more than a logo or tag line. Supported by your concept design and story, our Branding process Brand Jaunt formulates a brand that will build good relationships, strengthen reputations, encourage expectations, and delivers a promise. This is important not only for new brands but also strengthening and expanding existing brands.

Having a website has become a given. That necessary website is now an organization’s main branding vehicle that can be visited across different platforms, especially mobile ones. Touch screens, kiosks, and apps require a broad range of technologies. Websites and Mobile Solutions are a major component of your digital presence strategy.

Our successful cross-channel Digital Marketing and Advertising campaigns deliver content and message through a variety of channels and media.

From our Concept Design and Brand Strategy programs to our highly effective Digital Marketing and Web/Mobile Solutions there is a process behind each solution. Be it for products, services, companies/organizations, facilities/locations, training, enterprise-wide transformation, or visual/audio media, our integrated marketing solutions connect our clients with their consumers - all fueled through the power of story - creating inpactful experiences.

Concept Design • Branding  • User eXperience • Training • Creative Development •
Digital Marketing / Advertising • Web / Mobile Solutions



Bringing New Concepts to Life - This service is centered around “It all begins with Story” - to analyze, understand, and develop solutions to create or enhance brand identity, generate new concepts and communication tools, identify new directions and strategies for organizational change, design and deliver intentional experiences, and generate and instill authentic work environments.

Services include:

Story Vineyard
Persona Build
Mission and Vision Statements
Strategic Planning
Culture Map/Change Processes
TEAM:Action (team building)


The goal of the TCDG Studio's branding process is to build brand equity for your company/organization. Brand equity is the set of assets linked to your brand's name, and the symbols that add to the value of your services/products. Brand equity is an intangible asset that creates a true company equity value many multiples greater than tangible assets or revenue streams. Like other successful companies, brand equity is the most valuable asset we own and yet it does not live on your balance sheet.

Services include:

Brand Audit
Brant Jaunt
Brand Awareness
Brand Plan Management
Reputation Management
Corporate Identity


This encompasses both the physical environment elements – décor, furnishings, lighting/sound, signage, uniforms, wayfinding, etc. – and the psychological context – pre-arrival messaging, navigation, audience expectations, staff interaction, programming – all attuned to deliver a consistent and authentic experience that is aligned with client’s brand and mission.

Services include:

Digital UI/UX design
User interview processes
Emotional response triggers
Physical design and user flow
Brand consistency/brand aesthetics plan
Audience response testing and focus groups


tell your story – requires the creation of media rich content be it digital, video, or print. This includes creative graphic design, motion graphics and illustrations, video/audio post-production editing, multimedia and show displays, print collateral, large form design, script and content writing.

Services include:

Marketing and Advertising Media
Communication Design
Corporate Design
EnvironmentalExperiential Design
Product Design
Signage/Large Form
User Interfaces


TCDG Studios' key objective is to promote your story, brands, products/services through digital media. Our digital marketing campaigns drive brand awareness and lead generation through all the digital channels -- both free and paid -- that are at your disposal. These channels include social media, your own website, search engine rankings, email, display advertising, and your blog.

Services include:

Social Media Channels and Networks
Blogs and Content Marketing
Eblasts / Enewsletters
Online Advertisments and PPC campaigns
Lead Generation Services
Custom ROI Analysis and Reporting


Successful organizations must have sites that are attention-grabbing and holding, viewer-friendly, and provide dynamic functions that make the site usable for the viewer. Your web site is visitors' first impression of your business and products/services. It is the hub for most digital marketing/advertising activities. Mobile is more than a must, it is a “given”. Web solutions have become mobile solutions.

Services include:

Web/Mobile Design-Build
Functional Applications
Organic SEO
User Interface Solutions


TCDG Studios, through our 5 step Instructional design process ISD-Smart, provides a full range of adult learning services. Our integration of ISD methodology, cognitive learning theories, and creative design talent offers our clients cost-effective and learning –effective training solution. Realizing adult learning can no longer appeal to just one type of learner, our designers address your learners’ auditory, visual, and tactile senses.

Services include:

Instructional System Design
Instructor - Led
Task Training
Distance Learning
Self Paced Learning

Bring Your Story to Life