Our Story

In 2003, TCDG Studios was started on four simple concepts of Talent, Creativity, Design, and Great Stories. Over the past 15 years, TCDG has continually changed with the times. No matter the outcome, media, platform or audience, TCDG has not only provided creative design solutions but also has developed effective innovative marketing and advertising campaigns – all while embracing the digital world. TCDG Studios’ creative design solutions enhances clients’ corporate brand and image while developing effective, innovative marketing and advertising campaigns.

TCDG Studios

TCDG Studios story begins with several of its associates coming together with both graphic design experience and extensive business and marketing experience. When looking back on past business successes and failures, the one common element was that organizations were successful when the organization was telling their story.

The opposite was also true. The corresponding organizations were experiencing poor performance when the organization stopped telling their story. Thus the concept of the importance of corporate storytelling became a key element of the makeup of TCDG Studios. In today’s markets, buyers buy by Brand. A key to TCDG Studios thus includes the belief that your brand is your most important asset.

Our Mission and Vision

TCDG Studios’ mission is to create value and in order to achieve this, we must satisfy the legitimate expectations of every person with an interest in the studio. Promoting relationships through which everyone benefits satisfies these expectations.

Our Services must be convenient, quality, affordable, personal and professional.

No matter the size of the organization, everyone has a story that needs to be told.
Our creative solutions have the power to move people, to change minds, to lift-spirits, and inspire action.

Our Core Values

We create value by:

  • Being daring and creative
  • Conducting business activities with honesty, integrity, and respect
  • Building customer satisfaction by providing superior value in our products and services
  • Respecting our employees' and subcontractors' individuality
  • Adding value to our communities by being a caring and supportive corporate citizen

Our Brand Promise

Our brand promise is to provide creative digital solutions. This promise is exhibited in the following ways:

Message-effective -
our solutions work.
Cost-effective -
our solutions provide solid
benefits for the price paid.
Brand-effective -
our solutions install a sense
of pride for our clients.

Meet the Storytellers



Studio President

"Let's Do What We Love and Do a Lot More of it."




"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."


Dr. Jack

Master Story Teller

"Work as if everything depends on you -
pray as if everything depends on God"



Creative Director

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."



Production Coordinator

"Good enough never is"


Studio Guy


"Quiet on the set!
Lights! Camera! Action"


Studio Dog

Chief Paw-fier

"To err is human, to forgive, Canine"


TCDG Studios and its team of Storytellers, realize the many blessings we as individuals and collectively as an organization have received. For us, the concept of Stewardship has been a part of our corporate story and culture from day one.

Project Stewardship is our way of recognizing these blessings and the “call” to give back. This is achieved through the basic three elements of stewardship: time, talent, and treasure.

Our storytellers have been and continue to be active in donating their time ranging from volunteer hours, serving as board members and organizational officers, and participating in community and service organizations’ events.

Through our pro-bono work, we have shared our collective talents by building and maintaining websites; designing and building publications, newsletters, and bulletins; and designing and creating event and promotional collateral, banners, and promotional items.

In 2019, TCDG Studios will be formalizing our “treasures” portion of our stewardship. Each fiscal quarter, we will be donating up to 10% of our gross profit to a selected charitable organization for that quarter. We will also feature that organization in our Insights postings.

Bring Your Story to Life