TCDG named one of the Top Branding Agencies in Orlando

By admin | October 23, 2019

Congratulations are in order as we at TCDG Studios were named one of the Best Branding Agencies in Orlando. After evaluating 48 Branding Agencies in Orlando, Expertise named TCDG Studios one of the Top 12. The criteria by which we were graded includes: Reputation: A history of satisfied customers giving excellent recommendations Credibility: Established in…

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Why a Persona?

By Jack Manhire | July 10, 2019

What is a persona and why is it important to my branding efforts? Creating a persona, a fictional character to represent a user type for your service/product is important to your marketing efforts.. Whether you’re developing a smartphone app or a mobile-responsive website, it’s very important to understand who will be using the product or…

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Corporate Storytelling and Vision

By Jack Manhire | June 25, 2019

A vision is critical to you as an individual and also as an organization – no matter what size organization or stage of development. For the entrepreneur, your vision is sometimes the only thing you have to sell and yet it can be more powerful than the largest client list, portfolio, or product catalog. Don’t…

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Digital Marketing

By Denise Parkhill | May 17, 2019
digital marketing

If you want to go where the people are, you need to be active online. Digital marketing has to be incorporated in an effectively executed marketing and advertising campaign. It can serve the needs of any business and increase the demand for the product or service that they offer. Times have changed, and the need…

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Brand Creation Basics

By Jack Manhire | May 16, 2019

  Brand Creation is important. A brand is more than just an attractive Logo or a catchy tagline. These are actually only 9 second mind triggers to your image, promise, and core values of your organization. All these things are important for brand creation. A brand generates good relationships, solidifies reputation, suggests specific activities, encourages…

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