Creative Director

From a very young age, Mark discovered his creative talent as an illustrator. He always had something he drew and was proud to show it to others. Even in high school, at Bishop Moore in Orlando, his favorite class was art.

Mark’s creativity even as a teenager included sketching, which expanded into air-brush creations. As his creative career grew, Mark developed 3-D skills that included virtual reality (VR) creations for landscapers, pool, and home builders.

Mark also realized that the creative field, especially graphic design, was becoming more and more technology based. Thus he graduated with a undergraduate degree in Computer Science.

Not only has Mark integrated creative graphics with technology but also saw the potential of both as they applied to business. As he continued developing his creative skills, Mark went on to earn a MBA in marketing. Thus completing and integrating graphic skills with technology and marketing.

Besides being TCDG Studios’ Creative Director, Mark spends time with his 3 young adult children, his dog Checkers, watches football whenever he can, and is an avid runner. Come hot or cold, sunny or raining, you can always find him running through his neighborhood.

favorite quote

"Failures are expected by losers, ignored by winners.”
― Joe Gibbs


My son, football, and the RedSkins are winning - does not get much better than that!


I just love "characters"

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