Studio Guy


Studio Guy came about by our creative team to help strengthen and broaden the studio’s brand. Why?

First of all, a logo especially a mascot logo is not a brand and a nickname is not a mascot but all three, when designed and utilized properly can strengthen your brand. So what is a mascot: an animal, person, or thing adopted by a group (team, company, organization, product etc.) as its representative symbol.

There are several reasons why mascots:

  • They help invoke a sense of belonging or loyalty
  • Product mascots often produce a warm, nostalgic effect on customers and potential customers
  • Today’s computer graphics allows mascots to appear more natural
  • Mascots can always appear more warm and smiley
  • Taps into the buying power of children
  • Mascots can be less PC (politically correct) than human representatives
  • Mascots get attention
  • Increased brand awareness

Consumers prefer to interact on social media with a cute, entertaining character rather than a nameless, faceless PR person or corporate executive. While characters encourage casual conversation, executives simply do not.

Brand mascots are also successful on social media because they create a softer way to sell your products. While blatant self-promotion is typically a turn off on, consumers don’t react in the same way when this self-promotion comes from a mascot. Mascots provide a more effective voice through which to promote your brand while engaging customers, rather than doing one or the other.

A mascot can provide a website an extra layer of design and detail. The mascot can appear on web pages, private pages and works well with e-commerce sites. It’s important that your mascot design is clean and fits to the overall site design. It should strengthen your web content and not subtract from it.

Audiences overwhelmingly respond to life-like mascots in advertisements and mascots have undergone a renaissance since the digital age. If your audience associates your brand with a likable mascot, sales and name recognition have the potential to undergo a healthy boost.      

Favorite Quote

“If you don't have a dream, how can you have a dream come true?”
― Jiminy Cricket

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