User eXperience

We hear more and more the statement “we do not sell products and service – we sell an experience. Thus User eXperience encompasses both the physical environment – décor, furnishings, visual and audio, signage, employee uniforms, directions / wayfinding, etc. User eXperience is integrated across the physical and digital, the consumer and your staff - from pre-arrival messaging to client/user expectations and actual experience.

User eXperience solutions for a full range of applications:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Companies/Organizations
  • Facilities/Locations
  • Training
  • Enterprise-wide transformation
  • Media

Some of the TCDG Studios’ User eXperience service elements are:

  • Digital UI/UX design capabilities
  • User interview processes
  • Determining emotional response triggers such as: color, sound, emotional word descriptions, etc.
  • Physical design and user flow Brand consistency/brand aesthetics plan
  • Audience response testing and focus groups.

The following diagram outlines our approach to creating and providing User eXperience solutions.


Analysis: The User eXperience begins with the Story Vineyard Analysis and Story Bible. It is at this point where the consumer (user) demographics and psychographics (needs and Wants) are provided. User interview processes are also conducted – determining present and future needs.

Define: Emotional response triggers, coupled with brand consistency plans are defined. Physical design and user flows are defined creating the User Journey - the story of someone using a product, facility, training, etc.

Create: TCDG Studios develops the detailed build plan addressing the various physical and digital requirements to develop the required user experience. This plan details not only the what and why but also the how to implement the appropriate User journey.

Implement: If requested, are talented technical team of digital and physical designers, with build and implement the various aspects of the User eXperience design.

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