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5 Simple Tips for Generating Leads on Twitter –social media marketing

By Denise Parkhill | September 10, 2014

Ever wonder what types of content for social media marketing you should create and share on Twitter to generate leads? Ever wonder how to best share that content on Twitter to generate leads? This blog will share with you some pointers on how to answer these and similar questions – resulting in leads. Tip 1:…

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Twittering as a Business Owner – as a social media marketing company

By Denise Parkhill | September 5, 2014

Quite often, people’s gut reaction to Twitter is, “No one needs to know what I’m doing” or “I don’t care what other people are doing.” These views are common among those who just don‘t understand the value of Twitter for business. In the words of marketing expert Chris Brogan, Twitter is a useful communication tool…

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Using Google+ for Business – If you’re not, you may be losing business because of lack of social media promotion services.

By Denise Parkhill | September 3, 2014

Google+ is the new social network on the block. With more than 100 million users and a growing influence on search, Google+ has definitely emerged as a key player in the online marketing ecosystem and poses a challenge to Facebook’s domination of the social media space. Google+ is a social network powered by the search…

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7 Quick Tips About LinkedIn

By Denise Parkhill | August 29, 2014

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network online today with an astounding 135 million users and a targeted audience of business professionals. If you are a business professional and you do not have a powerful presence on LinkedIn, you are undoubtedly missing valuable opportunities to connect and grow your business. Tip 1:  Complete Your LINKEDIN…

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6 Things About Pinterest Your Boss Want To Know

By Denise Parkhill | August 27, 2014

Recently, Pinterest released free analytics for business accounts. Why is this important?It turns out that Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, and on more items than any of the other top 5 social media sites. To help you reap the business benefits of Pinterest, we published this blog on how you can optimize and measure Pinterest business…

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