Categories – Here is where your keywords will come into playseo-analysis.png” alt=”seo-analysis” width=”184″ align=”left” />Doing a constant SEO page analysis is very important so you can be able to track your page performance on search engines. However, to make your SEO page analysis meaningful, you need to know the algorithm changes. For instance, 2015 brought many modifications to Google, Bing, and Yahoo that many are not well familiar with. In order to advance your page performance, you should know what these changes are and how they affect you. Let’s begin!

Google Some of the ways Google’s algorithm has changed is through not only promoting but making mobile-friendly websites and local search optimization requirements for high SEO ranking. For instance, if your website is not mobile-friendly and people have a hard time finding anything specific on your site because the text is too big or small, the images are off center, or certain buttons are not clickable on their mobile device, then Google will not rank you high. To see if your site is mobile-friendly, you can do a quick test using this Google feature ( As for local search optimization, Google now requires that you have an active Google Plus business page, that your site be optimized with your physical address and phone number on every page, that you or your business be listed on websites such as directories and local media outlets, and that you have an inbound link profile. Though, above all, Google’s new algorithm will make great content a priority. This means that you cannot use shortcuts and have organic search visibility.

Bing Similar to Google, Bing will also be launching a mobile-friendly update. Though, unlike Google, Bing acknowledges that mobile-friendly sites will not always rank high on its search engine. For instance, relevant sites with great content will be a priority over mobile-friendly sites without relevant content to the searcher. This can be important to remember when you are doing an SEO page analysis with Bing. At the same time, Bing will be adding new features to its image results, such as integrating with Pinterest, having the option to see more sizes of a certain image, and more. People can even find out where they can buy a certain image if it is on sale. As a result, for SEO purposes, always be sure to include alt text for all the images you publish on your site. That is the best way to rank right on Bing.

Yahoo If you did not already know, Yahoo is powered by Bing. This means that a lot of the algorithm changes Bing goes through, Yahoo often ends up having too. Yahoo is now the default search engine for Firefox, and while that might not persuade many to switch over from Google or Bing, it still affects you. If you want your site to be found more often, you should be sure to do an SEO page analysis with Yahoo in order to rank high on its search engine. You can do this by maintaining your mobile-friendly site, having relevant content published regularly, and ensuring that all your posted images have alt text (you know, just like Bing!).

In the end, doing an SEO page analysis is not enough if you do not understand Google, Bing, and Yahoo’s recent algorithm changes. You must know how they work in order to actually improve your SEO page performance.


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