navy-goat.jpgNo matter what company you look at, chances are that they have a mascot. Your mascot logo design is the face of your company. It is what everyone thinks of when they think of you. So what is a mascot? A mascot is an animal, person, or thing adopted by a group (team, company, organization, product etc.) as its representative symbol, and it is believed to bring good luck: For example, the U.S. Navy mascot is a goat. Here is a list of five blogs that can assist you when considering a mascot logo design.

20 Creative Mascot Designs That Leave an Impression  Do you remember the helpful paperclip in Microsoft Word that would help you out with tips? It’s one of the first mascots in design I remember. With the number of websites increasing daily and highly competitive markets, brand new attention-grabbing tricks are required for you to stand out. A logo on your website is no longer enough to make an impact on your visitors. One creative way is to develop a mascot, which will interact with customers and present your company to the outside world. Visual memory is much stronger than text, thus the mascot is a great solution to help people remember your products and services. A custom-made character doesn’t only fit your company’s style perfectly but it’s also way more memorable.

10 Tips for Designing Logos that Don’t Suck So you’re designing a logo. It sounds like an easy enough task, right? Draw a circle, type in the company name and you’re done (I’ve literally heard a designer suggest that very process). Unfortunately, if you’re really worth the money the client is paying you, there’s a lot more to it than that. There are a million people in the logo design industry today dishing out crappy logos in bulk for crowd sourcing sites. How do you as a serious professional stand out from the crowd and produce quality logos that don’t suck? Read on to find out.

35 Logos Designs that Make Use of Mascots When it comes to logo designs, there are plenty of different styles and approaches that can be used. Of course, the best approach will vary from one project and one business to the next. One approach for logo design is to include a mascot. The mascot could be an animal, a person, or even a robot. In this article we’ll showcase 35 examples of logos that make use of mascots. The logos shown here are from a variety of different logo designers. Hopefully they can provide some inspiration for your own logo design projects.

How to Design an Effective Company Mascot In today’s ever-evolving economy, more and more businesses are seeking innovative ways to connect with potential clients and customers. While some groups are still sticking to traditional advertising methods, others are using the latest social media outlets such as Twitter and YouTube to introduce themselves to new prospects and “humanize” their company. Though these methods can be very effective, there is another trend that is becoming a popular and powerful way to humanize your brand and foster a friendly relationship with your supporters — characters who serve as mascots for businesses.

studio guy and dogHow to Create a Cute Mascot Audiences Will Love A couple of weeks ago, we told you about how Sydney agency Recreated a new brand identity for Australia’s second biggest telecoms company, Optus. Part of that rebrand involved the idea of a character to help customers. The aim behind the new character was a friendlier approach, with greater support and understanding – and a little bit of cheekiness too. Here’s how Re did it, from start to finish…

Creating a mascot logo design is an eye-catching way to stand out among the crowd. With these five blogs, you’ll learn how to make your own mascot.

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