integrated-servicesCross-media marketing is being used more and more for marketing businesses and integrated marketing services. After all, with the growth of social media platforms, there are more opportunities to get the attention of potential customers. In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to succeed simply by sending people advertisement in the mail. It’s even harder to get customers if you only create a website and never do anything to market it. That’s where cross-media steps in. In the end, it is an integrated marketing service, and you should certainly learn how to use it if you want your business to grow.

Here’s what cross-media really is:

Combining All Forms of Media to Market Your Business What is an integrated marketing service? It is combining all forms of media at your disposal in order to market your business. This is pretty much what cross-media really is. If you want to attract people to your business, it’s important that you use emails, content marketing, mobile apps, videos, print and online brochures, social media, as well as other forms of media like TV advertising. It’s not good to rely on the old ways of marketing, such as calling every household in your community and advocating your product or service. Instead, you would put your business in almost every form of media possible until people begin noticing you. Besides, the more places you market your business, the more chances there are of people following you.

Using Various Social Media Platforms Social media is a wonderful way to get your business out there. After all, the majority of people are on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, among others. With everyone already sharing posts and links with one another, it’s a great idea that you join the party and create an opportunity for your own social media posts to be shared. If you market your business via social media on a regular basis, you’d have many followers and lots of loyal clients/customers.

Blogging Generally, you have a website that markets your business. However, you can’t expect the site to attract visitors without any effort on your part. In cross-media, you would rely on blogging within your site. Each blog would become its own indexed page, which means that each blog increases your chance of being found online. The more blogs you write, the more advertisement footprints you’re leaving on the internet. Now, if you combine social media with blogging, you’d be doing an integrated marketing service. For example, if you create a social media post that links each blog you write, you would be working two forms of media for your business’ advantage.

Sending Emails and Newsletters It also helps to send emails and newsletters to your clients/customers and your leads. For instance, perhaps a potential customer was looking at the free eBook you’ve included within one of your blogs. After filling out his information and receiving your eBook, that potential customer has transformed into a lead. Now you have his name and email address, and so it would be a great idea to share with him other relevant material that are similar to the free eBook he downloaded. This form of media communication helps you build a relationship with your customers and leads. Thus, if you combine social media, blogging, and emails and newsletters, you would have a stronger, more successful business.


Mailing Brochures Cross-media doesn’t have to just revolve around the internet. Snail mail is still relevant in this day and age. Many people, in fact, enjoy looking through a magazine or a brochure to this day. Therefore, depending on your business, you might want to create some sort of mail to send out to your customers or leads. Brochures are always nice. Just be sure to add plenty of relevant pictures in order to attract potential customers. If you’re marketing your yummy coal fired pizza, have pictures to prove how delicious it looks. Pictures are worth a thousand words! Besides, people nowadays enjoy visuals more than plain text.

Creating Videos for Your Business, Product, or Service Videos are becoming more and more crucial for a successful business because social media platforms like Facebook are relying on them more and more. People adore a funny video or even a video that sums up an article. They want quick, interesting facts, and they want to be able to see them. For that reason, cross-media is also high on videos. If you’re marketing your business, why don’t you create a YouTube video that shows what your product/service is all about? Then you can share that video on your Facebook page, create a link of the video on Twitter, include a direct link within your e-newsletter, and place the video right on your site. Cross-media allows you to integrate all these forms to market your business, and so you should utilize all of them.

To sum up, cross-media is an integrated marketing service that helps you reach a wider audience and get found more often by allowing you to use all forms of media to attract customers and clients. For that reason, be sure to use all the advertising tools available to you.

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