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Being the world’s largest social network, Facebook is constantly changing and evolving. All the time, you see new tools and apps being integrated on people’s timelines and profiles. Facebook even transforms its layout every couple of years. While all this can sometimes be confusing for users who are trying to get familiar with the social media platform, recent changes that Facebook has made might truly be useful for many, particularly for social media promotion ideas. Here are some of the most interesting and useful new changes:

Customizing Your News Feed A cool new feature Facebook has made available is News Feed Preferences. This feature allows you to customize and prioritize what you want to see on your News Feed. If you are always seeing insignificant posts from acquaintances and barely anything from your close friends and family members, you can now fix this issue. News Feed Preferences lets you do the following:

  • Prioritize the people you want to see the most on your News Feed. To do this, you just tap to star your favorites and then Facebook will make sure their posts pop up first.
  • Unfollow people in bulk while still being friends on Facebook. This way, you can still find them and see what they are up to, but they will not show up too often on your News Feed if you do not want them to be prioritized.
  • Follow people you have unfollowed from your friends’ list, just in case you have changed your mind about someone being a priority on your News Feed.
  • Follow brands and pages in bulk.

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What Happened On This Day in Your Past History Another new feature that can be useful for social media promotion ideas is On This Day. This feature allows you to see what happened to you that day a year ago, two years ago, etc… You can go back up to the year you signed up with Facebook. Let’s say a year ago from today you graduated high school, you will now be notified with a picture or a post you put up from that day. Plus, you can share that On This Day memory with your friends. This can be helpful for social media promotions because it will allow you to share important business/company successes with your followers and friends.

To turn this feature on, go to and click “Get notifications.”

Embedding Facebook Posts on Other Online Networks In the past, you used to be able to share a Facebook video that you have uploaded by linking to it. However, recently, Facebook made some changes that make it possible for you to simply embed your Facebook videos on other online networks.

Online Comments Are Directly Transferred as Facebook Comments A wonderful feature that is ideal for social media promotion ideas is this: If you comment on an article you read outside of Facebook, that comment will most likely show up under Facebook comments for that article as well. This change is intended to make it easier for media companies to gain more engagement with their content.

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Analytics for Apps Another feature that Facebook added that is great for social media promotion ideas is the analytics for apps feature. This tool allows developers to see how their apps are doing, who is using their app, and where those users are coming from. This should help developers improve upon their apps and increase their success.

These important Facebook changes are not only interesting, but they can definitely help businesses and marketers with social media promotion ideas. Check out the features mentioned above and be sure to tell anyone that can benefit from them.

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